Totally Blew My Mind!

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Hound dog, Oct 16, 2010.

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    Today I did the thrift store thing with easy child and Nichole........easy child needs new dressers.....and she was thinking of picking up a few things for katies kids. We didn't bring katie along only because then the rest of the family would've wanted to come and there just was no car space.

    I was gone for about 4 hrs.

    I came home to a CLEAN house!!!!:surprise:

    husband and I had managed to clean the livingroom and diningroom and much of the kitchen before katie and family arrived. But the bathroom/laundry room was still a disaster and the kitchen floor desperately needed mopping......

    Katie and her husband cleaned for me while I was gone. Her husband tackled the worst job which was the bathroom. And they did a great job!

    I thanked them and told them how much I appreciated it, which I very much do.

    They also make sure the kids pick up after themselves and all their stuff is kept as neat as possible at all times. Might get a bit cluttered while the kids are playing.......but yeah that's just normal stuff.

    Tonight was dinner at easy child's.......basically a family reunion of sorts as the whole family was there. She cooked a ton of food........and the kids were angels (all the grands were) and had a blast playing together.

    They are now sound asleep on the air mattress and have been for an hour and a half. lol

    The whole family is impressed. We all had a good time.

    by the way easy child did find some good jeans for the 2 older ones dirt cheap that will be good for school. And a few things for her own boys as well. lol

    So far so good........:D
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    Very nice! Hope things continue to go so well.
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  4. Fran

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    Sounds like a good way to repay your hospitality. :bravo:
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    How wonderful! I wish a cleaning fairy would show up at my house while I'm gone one day ... lol. I'm glad things continue to go well :)
  6. Hound dog

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    Yes. No complaints about either katie or her husband. They're doing super good about making the kids clean up after themselves as well as also cleaning up after the family.

    Which I have to say is simply wonderful as the situation would be really hard to tolerate if they didn't due to the over crowding alone.

    Yep yep, I think they're serious about turning their lives around. Now if we can just get a few things rolling before frustration sets in. That's what I'm now worried about. They're working their tails off looking for's the getting the job itself thing and who is and isn't hiring.

    Found out via Nichole that welfare still has mine, husband, and Travis' necessary info still on file from many yrs ago when we needed to apply for ER food stamps. So.......we'll sign up for them and see what happens. husband has "lost" (meaning it's here somewhere) mine and Travis' ss cards when he used them to file taxes one yr......haven't been able to find them since and he knows it's a major sore spot with me as we need to travel and hour to get new ones. They are here..........but with 3 kids running around it's all but impossible to do the sort of searching necessary to find them. Because lord only knows where the man stuck them. ughhh So will be very helpful welfare still has them on file so no need to get new ones right this very moment.

    I am sooooooo praying that spot opens by thurs. It's not the kids at all, just well.......I've gotten used to pretty much being an empty nester. And now my Mom has decided to pay for my state boards and I've got to get studying for them.

    I'm wondering if some alien creature has possessed my mother.........She'll be sending me my part of the inheritance from her estate (well a big chunk of it anyway) to either use to pay off school loans or put into an IRA. Who is this person? And what did they do with my mother??? lmao
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    So glad to hear that things are going well. :) I hope that spot opens up, too - I know what you mean about getting used to being an empty nester!
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    I'm just thrilled all the board juju has worked its magic... I'm happy things are working out well (so far) and that Katie and her husband are being, well, almost PCs!
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    I'm happy for you - all of you!
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    Wow!!! So much has happened - I really need to "visit" more often! I'm so glad things are going so well for you!!!

    I haven't had the pleasure of being an empty nester yet, but I can imagine how difficult it must be, no matter how much you love the kids, to find yourself in a full nest again. Hope the spot opens up Thursday too - Keeping my fingers crossed...Will do the chicken dance nekkid outside if you want, and, believe me, it wouldn't be a pretty sight, lol...!!!

    How wonderful of your mother to help you out - Best of luck on the state boards!!! SFR
  11. I'm thrilled for wonderful news and tremendous progress!!!!!! :D
  12. susiestar

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    While the desperation of the situation hoovers mightily, it is still a blessing that you all get this time together. The kids get to experience that special love that comes from grandparents, you and husband get to experience the blessings that are in every hug from little arms and the press of every kiss from those little people. You also get to see that your daughter and her SO are working to change their lives, even to the extent that they did a lot of work around your home. Your daus all get some time together, and that is precious too.

    I hope that the kids get a spot in a shelter or maybe even some subsidized housing very soon. It is stressful to live with little ones, esp when you are not used to it. Add your teeth in there and Gma better be taking naps every day!!

    My fingers are crossed and my prayers are going out.
  13. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Naps?? ROFLMAO! Nana has not had but 1 15 min nap in a week.......... We've run from almost 1st thing in the morning (once the daily calls to shelters ect is done) until suppertime. Just so much to do and only so much time to do it.

    Today I "attempted" to take a much needed break and set it up for husband to drive the kids and katie to their 1st day of school........and told him later he'd be taking katie and her husband down to the clothes pantry that is open today. (katie doesn't have anything to wear hardly)

    That didn't last long. Forgot I had told easy child even before they came I'd watch the boys this morning at 7:15 am so she could go up to a doctor appointment for an IUD placement. ughhh

    Seems like everytime I attempt to take a break.......there is something else I have to do.........of course it can't be husband.....has to be me. lol Just the way it works. But now with the kids in school......I'm going to try to had husband do the bulk of the running from here on out. husband griped about it but I told him I had to study for state boards.......I need to stop these hours of running and use the time the kids are in school to crack the books again.