Totally Bored, Ready for an Uprising...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Nov 21, 2008.

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    My job is totally boring. It used to be diverse and interesting, changing around certain times of the year. Now it's become rote and ho-hum. Same ol' same ol'.
    This began before my boss separated my job and gave the company bookkeeping/payroll to our outside accountants. I still maintain all of our escrow accounts, i.e., bookkeeping, payables, etc. But that doesn't fill my day. I also handle the human resource and all executive administrative duties, such as dealing with contractors, vendors, Labor Dept, our health plans, etc. But all of those combined still do not fill up my day, let alone my week! I only negotiate the health plan once a year and in between I only have to handle small glitches here and there with new/old employees. There just really isn't much going on.

    I've been at this for 15 years now and while I am good at what I do and I do enjoy the 'family' we've created here in our office and in the company (we have 3 offices), I hate being bored during the down periods in between major projects or negotiations. It's the day to day. I feel like 'what is the point in my being here'. I just would rather go home.

    The thing is I cannot afford to go back to school - I don't think I'd be approved for aid at all. And I cannot afford to quit my job. I make a nice income here with many perks and lots of flexibility. It's also only 10 minutes from home. No matter where I changed jobs to, I'm positive I would not have that flexibility and those perks anywhere else right from the get go.

    I would love to go back to school for something in the healthy field or natural medicine, which my company will not reimburse me for. They would reimburse me for business courses only but I HATE those course - been there done that.

    I would love to have a job working with the general public - maybe in retail or in the food industry. easy child has been kicking around the idea of opening a bakery/cafe and wants me to do it with her. I have been thinking about doing some research just to see if it's doable and if there is any funding out there for women entrepeneurs. I know there is - I just have to figure out how to get it. But even that...I wouldn't be able to afford giving up my job, etc., and dedicating my time to a new business venture.

    I need a change. I was thinking of going to my boss/brother in law and telling him how I feel and seeing if there are any areas within the company for me to learn and grow. From where I sit, I don't see any, but maybe they are there and I'm just not thinking they are for me?

    on the other hand, I see the way the economy is and how so many people out there are losing their jobs and feel I should just pipe down and be grateful to have a job. I am grateful for this job, just bored stiff.

    Any ideas or feedback is welcome. Thanks.
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    Jo -

    Two things come to mind - well actually more, but I cant' post most of my thoughts here....:tongue: Like it's 10:53 - I want an Arbys samich...did I really unplug the coffee pot.....what was I talking about?

    First thing that comes to mind is salaried position. I have a girlfriend who is a phenominal bookkeeper. That is her calling, her life. She can not do much else unlike you. BUT - when she contracts with a company to "fix" their books and "maintain" things - she sets herself up on salary and then manipulates her hours. Currently she comes in when she wants (after kid is in school) and then leaves WHEN HER WORK IS DONE.

    Her therory is brilliant and my next job will ABSOLUTELY be this way. She tells the employer that she can and does the work of two people. She's accurate, honest and skilled. So at $18 /hr. would you rather have her working for you 40 hours a week or .....for a salary? Then she hits them with a salary and says the catch is - when I'm done - I leave OR I go back to hourly. So in essence - she's being paid $18 an hour for a 35 hour week - and only works 4-5 hours a day - BECAUSE SHE IS WORTH IT.


    As for College? Check into your local unemployment office and ask about the Workforce Incentive Program or WIA. It's college - govt. gratis.

    Hope this helps - map out a plan - and with the time you COULD have off from job #1 - YOU could pick up another job - part time doing bookkeeping and stay mentally challenged.
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    Thanks Star. I will definitely look into the WIA program regarding classes/college.

    Your friend's situation sounds nice for her. The thing is I want to get out of this field altogether if I make a change at all. I did some rough calculations and I make way more money with my set up now that I would with your friend's setup. And I get full health/dental/disability benefits at only a 20% cost out of pocket for the entire family (co-pays are higher than I'd like, but the coverage is there - less worry). If I self employ myself - I would lose the benefits. Also, my car payment is paid for through the company, which is HUGE. And while money isn't all that matters, while paying off college tuitions and maintaining a full house, I need all the money I can get for at least another 3 years. After that, I can experiment more without worrying about the final numbers so much. Also, both my kids are fully grown so I feel like there may be more options available to me than I'm seeing. Like I said, I'd really like to do something in the medical field. It's always been an interest and I'd rather be "doing" than simply pushing papers anymore.

    I will figure out something....I think this will be my winter project. To make a short term life plan...followed by a long term one. Thanks again.
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    Jo -

    This girl does not "self Employ" herself - she is hired on as a full time employee with full benefits - just when her work is done? She goes home or like I said to another job - and she too got burnt out on bookkeeping, so her other job is working for a pharmacy (lol I think doing the books) lol.

    No - she is FULL TIME employed at one place, with benefits, but when she's done? She leaves. SWEET - and that's what I was thinking - if YOU could work out a deal with your brother in law - and tell him - look I can get X amt. of my chores done by noon - M, W, F - I would like to be salaried - for the same amt. as I make hourly - BUT on those three days or 2 days - I can leave and pursue other ventures.

  5. hearts and roses

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    OOooOOOoooooohhhhhh - I misunderstood, Star!

    You know what? I was thinking of negotiating something like that with him when my annual review is due in January, which is perfect timing just after the holidays. I just can't see sitting at my desk bored out of my mind just because I have to fulfill the 7 hour day. Yes, *technically* I work a 7 hour day. I am here 8:30-4:30 but we also get a paid one hour lunch. It would be so awesome to come in, do what I had to do and then split. Maybe then I could do something freelance on my 'off time'. Cool, thanks for clarifying that Star.
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    AND.....YOU WILL NEED AN ASSISTANT NAMED.........Mini me........STAR....:tongue:

    I'll tell ya -it's my that's not REALLY mydream but that can't be typed here - ;)
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    Do you have a community college nearby where you could take a few classes, and see if a medical career is a good fit for you? I did this with paralegal classes; I was so hooked on LA Law that I decided that was it, and after I took two classes I knew it wasn't.
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    Jo, I know exactly how you feel. Having a job where you're bored, or not intellectually stimulated/challenged, is so not fun. You're right, in this economy, though, sometimes it's best to stick out the job until things improve and try to find some other kind of way to supplement. I think asking your boss for more work, responsibilities to take on, etc is good. A lot of time they really have no idea and think that since you haven't said anything that you're happy with where you're at. If you're a good employee and you want more, they'll usually find something to give to you. Employers want to keep their good employees happy.

    At my last job, I started out part time. I really liked working there, but didn't see any way they could employ me full time as the work just wasn't there. When I got offered a full time job at another company, they didn't want me to leave and they created a position for me. At first, there wasn't enough work and I was bored out of my mind - would pass the time cleaning desks, equipment, etc. But, eventually more work came in, people left and I went from being bored to having a full schedule and as much overtime as I wanted.

    Talk to your boss. If there is anything to be found, he'll find it for you.

    In the meantime, explore other interests. Take a class, whatever.
  9. hearts and roses

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    Thanks Heather. I am going to try and speak with him Monday. I am a little in the, 'be careful what you wish for" kind of way.

    I have to do something. I just beat my high score on BeJeweled. I reached 2,034,000 points. Think I need something to do?? Do you have any idea how many games I've had to play to get that good! Hahaha.

    In April there is a certificate course at the local community college that I've been interested in for years. It seems that whenever it's time to sign up, I do not have the money. So, I have between now and March to save up the money and I'm going to do it.