Tough Love

AJ's Mom

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I came across this poem the other day and it really hit home so I just wanted to share:halfsmile:

Tough Love

It is not without regret
I did not help you.
Sleepless nights,
overcome with worry
burdened with the knowledge
that you walk the streets alone.

"This time, will be different," you said,
just like you've said so many times
before. How I want to believe,
to open my arms and my heart,
for despite all you've done,
when I look into your eyes
all I see is the laughing
little boy, you used to be.

I'm sure you think me cold,
uncaring, unfeeling, but
that is the mask I wear
in your presence, which
threatens to crumble
every time I see your face.

As you walk away,
I have to close my eyes,
fight every maternal instinct,
to make everything alright.
But I cannot, for I have
learned the hard way,
I can't help someone
who will not help himself.

- K.E. Edwards Copyright 2016