Tough night, had to call the police, Q has a bloody forehead...uggg

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. buddy

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    He is obsessed by the girls that hang out at our house. they run in and out of the houses and he gets all worked up. I called him to come and take his medications and he started swearing walking up and down, throwing rocks, etc....the boys tried to stop him and touched him so he started fighting them, they were trying to restrain him and he hit me in the head and grabbed my arm digging is nails in. I called the police and they got him to come in the house. I explained and they were actually really good with him. I told them I think he needs to go to the hospital but in the mean time I had given him a PRN medication and it was kicking in. He sat and calmed and Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker showed up and he was able to hold it together. They left and I have a call into the doctor.

    He just doesn't know what to do or how to handle himself around the older teen girls. He got so worked up. I just know my complex is going to send me a letter or something about it. I did all the right things but I can see they would be worried. The kids in trying to help make things so much worse. I told the girls like three times to go in the house and STAY there until I can get him in our house but they kept coming out and then laughing and then running in so it made him think he was on a stage. Just got him all worked up.

    I hate days like this.
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    I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. (((hugs))) May you have a peaceful night.
  3. buddy

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    Thanks, trying to be rational but feeling really sad. I know he has a thousand things going on and if we could just get things into a normal routine again it would be better but he is going to blow it and things are going to fall apart, I am worried.
  4. TeDo

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    Not to mention those male hormones. Yeesh!! I'm sure the girls thought the whole thing was a big the expense of Q. Poor kid....and POOR YOU! I am sorry it was so rough but VERY glad your officers were a help rather than a hindrance.

    It's times like this when I HATE spring.....not to mention the anxiety Q has right now anyway.

    {{{{(((HUGS)))}}}} to you!! Know I'm thinking about you!
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    I am so sorry Buddy. Just so unfair to you and Q. I hope you can rest tonight and let's pray for a few rainny days so it will be easier to justify staying in the house.
    Hang in there: you are doing everything you can. You are really amazing.
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    I am glad the police did their job and helped you. Hormones at age 15 are off the charts. They do calm down a tad around 17/18.
  7. Rabbit

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    I am so sorry. Sending Hugs Rabbit
  8. bigbear11

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    So sorry to hear about your day. It is so tough when other kids don't understand. Take care of yourself... thinking about you.
  9. StressedM0mma

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    Ugh. So sorry. I am sure he thought he was showing off for the pretty girls. I am glad the police were helpful though.
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    It sure sounds like he needs a medication check. What a rough day for both of you.
  11. buddy

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    for sure. the stinkie thing is there are not good options. I talked to the doctor tonight after he left to have a plan if he can't calm down so she is going to be thinking over the weekend. He has that enzyme issue (I was remembering how when he was 3 and had an mri and they gave him the max dose of sedation and the kid just screamed and didn't sleep) some medications dont touch him and others can kill him, and this lithium he was started on seems to do nothing but keep him up at night peeing and makes him eat constantly. I do think the interrupted sleep contributes and of course just the whole stress about not having a schedule. But if he is this girl crazy maybe he needs to be fixed (kidding).
  12. keista

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    ((((HUGS)))) Hope you both have a clam and peaceful weekend.
  13. buddy

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    he is home, not happy at all but knows that I have my phone and I told him I put his skate board (he was pounding it all over on the sidewalk and I am afraid he would hit with it ) away he just pounded on my door and I told him if he can't control his body then his doctor and I have a plan and he is going to go to the hospital to start new medicine. And it will not be the hospital he liked staying at before. I am having a hard time being a therapeutic parent because I have a huge stress head ache. my neck is killing me. I am going to try to go to bed.
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    Oh Buddy, I hope you get a goods night rest and that Q will too. This is so hard. I don't know how you do it.
  15. InsaneCdn

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    Buddy... NOBODY can be a therapeutic parent 24/7. Not even you.

    This whole scenario isn't fair. It didn't even have to go down this road in the first place. This school has stolen so much from you and Q - including daily quality of life... and they continue to do so. In between - in the odd moment of calm - I'm assuming you're keeping up on your journal. You need to document everything you can. Pictures, too. When you come out the other end and get Q settled in school? There has to be more in it than just that for you and Q.
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    What a difficult night for you and Q. Sending thoughts for a restful night of sleep.
  17. Bunny

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    I'm sorry it was such a bad night for you and for Q. I hope that you were both able to get some rest.
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  19. Hound dog

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    been there done that with a lesser degree with Travis. When those hormones started raging, he just had no clue what to do with them, and without the social skills..........omg. This period is what drove me to this board. He was so off the wall it scared the hades out of me. (nor did it help that at the same time his seizures went off the charts as well) Eventually, he wound up spending quite a bit of time in his room, because all inappropriate behavior was to be done behind closed doors in private. I stressed that to the utter max.

    But then we had to deal with the obsessions. Travis didn't seem to just be attracted to a female, it would be an obsession with said female. He didn't have the social skills to really approach them, yet also didn't have the social skills to know when to back off as he was coming on too strong or actually stalking them. Fortunately for him, this is a small town and easy child knew most of the girls ( a few were her friends, one also had a bro who is autistic) and the girls pretty much understood so didn't totally freak out.

    Now, sadly, it seems he really won't seek out a tangible relationship with a girl. (of course it would help greatly if he could tell when they're actually interested, which he's had several.....and they've eventually given up on him picking up their signals)

    Sounds as if Q has even more impulse issues than Travis had, which has got to be making it harder. I guess what I'm trying to say is.........there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Either the hormones stop raging or they get used to them, but the behavior does pass eventually.
  20. lovelyboy

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    Shame Buddy....I feel very sad that you have to go through all this!
    It's very difficult to keep that loving feeling and make rattional desisions when you actually feel so much physical and emotional pain!
    And isnt it just terrible when we always need to do the "if you dont stop X, we will do Y" thing! Agh,!!!
    We also had a difficult evening! Luckily no physical aggression...but the whole verbal insulting abusive verbal diaree!!! And the terrible swings between...I hate you, shut your mouth!!!! And please come and help me, I need you!!!!!
    It just sucks up ALL of my energy to try and stay calm and ignore all the verbal abuse!!!!!And then to keep remindinge myself that not all of this is just behaviour by choise but neurological stuff!!!!! You know how it feels when they just sit there screaming insulting, annoying, non comprehensive ****!!!!
    Sending plenty of gentle hugs your way!