Tough school week for difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by luvmyottb, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. luvmyottb

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    So the good news is this is the first negative report on the school year and it is 11/20:D.

    I received email from her teacher stating difficult child has had a really off week, getting in everyone's business, somewhat disrespectful and not trying at all to do her work.

    She also would not work with the Easy Child teacher today. difficult child told me yesterday she didn't need to be in the classroom with her for help. "I am doing much better, I don't need her anymore.":laugh: I knew something was going to rear its head.

    Last weekend, difficult child, husband and easy child all drove to Florida to Grandma and Grandpa's house. Perhaps all the excitement, no structure and lack of sleep has something to do with behavior this week.....I think so!

    If your grades go way up and stay there, you don't need the extra help,I tell her, but we are repeating the 4th grade this year, so I think we should take all the help we can get. Hmmm, she says.

    She cried all the way home on the bus because she knew her teacher was going to email me. So instead of being contrite, she comes at me really defensive and looking for a fight. I was very calm with her, just the opposite of what she was looking for. We talked and she seemed to get it, but you know you hear the I will do better routine and it is just so hard to believe.

    I know she wants to control herself, but the impulses are soooo strong. I asked the teacher to email me at the end of each week to let us know how she is cooperating. Well if anything, she will be on good behavior tomorrow and she has the weekend to get herself right again. Poor kiddo!
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    First bad report of the year-not too bad. Definitely sounds like the change in routine could be a factor. I hope the weekend helps! Hugs.
  3. Jena

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    You got to almost December so yes that is great to get the first negative report from the teacher.

    It could def. be the trip to fla. the loss of routine, and stuff that set her off a bit. Hopefully tmrw will be a good day and the weekend will help.

  4. Andy

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    There is such thing as too much fun! I hope tomorrow goes better and lots of down time this weekend.
  5. ML

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    The good news is that there are new semesters, new weeks, new days to have a better day. Hugs to her.