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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by joneshockey, Aug 21, 2010.

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    B2 has really been difficult to handle this week... I am not sure why he has had such a shift in behavior. I have been back to work for 2 full weeks now and I would've thought that if he was going to have a flare up in would've been sooner than now. He has begun to urinate in the house again (on the chairs, couch, and bedroom floor) when he is angry and sometimes even for no apparent reason. He has not exhibited this behavior since going on Risperdal almost 2 months ago. He also has started to use inappropriate language - calling people an a**. I talked to the therapist about the language issue last week and he told me to continue to give him timeouts... I am gettting VERY frusterated since this is having NO affect on his behavior and this sometimes causes him to urinate too! Does anyone have any other suggestions about what I should try? Things have been sooo bad that last couple of days and I really dread the fact that FF1 has to work a 36 hr. shift this weekend, so he will be leaving at 6:30 this morning and not return until 7:30 PM Sunday night! I am not sure HOW I am going to make it through the weekend in one piece.
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    2 weeks isn't unusual to start seeing behaviors as a reaction to a change in the household routine. I know being back at work for 2 weeks you must have a list of chores and things that you want to accomplish this weekend. If at all possible, may I suggest you put that list aside and make a fun weekend with the kids? Create a sort of vacation with doing fun things for them. Right now say to them, "We are going to have a fun weekend starting with a very fun lunch. Who wants to help me make a picnic?" Have your 7 year old pick out where the picnic will be (in the house, in the yard, at a nearby park), Have difficult child gather "decorations" for the picnic area. Make the picnic super easy - peanut butter and jelly sandwich, applesauce, whatever - the focus is on the picnic, not the food. If the weather is nice, go for a walk, set up an obsticle course in the yard for both kids (they can help), take them to a playground. Have a movie night tonight - popcorn and all. You may even get to watch two movies - they each get to pick one out. (if there is any shopping you must do, incorperate it into the "fun" weekend by telling them you are going to the store to get items for the weekend and as long as you are there need a few other things - they can each pick out a special treat for the movie time.)

    I always told kids who were going through babysitting clinics that the best way to get a child to listen and obey and stay out of danger and trouble was to do something with them. As a parent, we do have other things to do than to entertain our kids 24/7 and really that is not good for them - they don't learn to entertain themselves. However, I still think we do need to find some time to do just that and when you are not looking forward to a weekend of unwanted behaviors, then that may well be the best time to do so! :)