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  1. Nancy

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    Give us an update on your son's release from rehab to the sober house.

  2. toughlovin

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    Thanks for asking Nancy. He went to the sober house last Sunday and it sounds like things are going pretty well. His therapist says he is doing great. Sounds like she is starting to see a softer side of him.... he is letting down his guard some with her. He sounds good to us when we talk to him. He got the scooter and is looking for a job. That is the next big milestone, him getting a job. He really seems to be doing well.... I am very happy about it. It is amazing having 3 months go by without a shoe dropping!!! I am not jumping every time the phone rings thinking it could be the police... and the only phone calls happening while we are asleep are the ones from the school telling us school is closed due to snow!!! :)
  3. DDD

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    How wonderful! DDD
  4. Nancy

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    Great news! I remember that feeling of relief. I felt like I truly was a new person and was able to see the world in a different way for the very first time. I truly hope he continues to make progress and a new life for himself.

  5. toughlovin

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    People tell me how much more relaxed I look. It is true I am actually happy and relaxed. Sometimes you don't realize how bad it was until you are no longer in the middle of it. It feels great. However I know all too well that things can change so I continue to go to Alanon to keep getting that strength and knowledge to live MY life.... and to remember I didn't cause it, can't control it and can't change it. This is his journey and I need to continue to let it be his journey.
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    What a great update, toughlovin. I can totally relate to not jumping every time the phone rings, or you hear sirens, etc. You are right on target with your thinking - that you need to always be on guard knowing it's a journey, and that you didn't cause it, can't control it and can't change it. You can be there for him if he's doing the right thing.

    Glad to hear the transition is going well!