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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Nov 13, 2012.

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    I got an email at 11 pm saying that that the tour of the second school is cancelled because the programs at that school are for kids over 18. Ummm, they would have known that before they made the appointment.
    AND a kid from Q's class last year is thers with his former teacher. Why lie? Yes, some of their programs are transition programs.

    Then she said she'd rather have continuity of care at this school which is great to hear but I doubt she means it because she was the one who said she thought he'd be safer and happier elsewhere.

    Im happy to not go but if they ever force him.out it means i only have seen the super isolating school with the brand new teacher. I think they dont want me to like anything better than that because from the beginning they said they wanted him to go to the first site. My concern is that the school director said over and over if we don't plan for a move--just in case-- then she will just move him where she wants to if she feels it's necessary. And since its a lateral move it's not considered a change of placement legally but of course in reality it is. Such BS. All of it.
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    I feel your frustration loud and clear. It blows major chunks to be tossed around with little regard to the impact this will have on your lives. ((((HUGS))))
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    Call their bluff, and set up your own appointment with school #2... as part of "long term planning". Because he isn't THAT far from age 18, right?
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    I have done this. Drives the school bonkers but it keeps them honest.