Toys 'R Us Cash for Baby Gear Clunkers

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by SRL, Aug 31, 2009.

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    You know the cribs part I think is okay -if they recycle them into 2nd hand stores, but I was a safety manager for a construction company and did a lot of reading...about OSHA etc. Once a baby seat is involved in a car crash they are supposed to be destroyed.

    This is why the new Federal laws are prohibiting 2nd hand stores from resales of some items. I cringe every time I see a baby seat in a 2nd hand store. You just never know - AND IF the seats were in a crash and then someone uses them again they will not protect the infant if a 2nd crash is significant. FYI.

    Makes me wonder what they intend on doing with all the car seats?
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    If they HAVEN'T been involved in an accident they're probably perfectly alright but the thing of it is, how would you know? That's something I wouldn't want to take a chance with.

    All that stuff is so different now, I didn't know what half of it was that my daughter and sister in law have for my grandson! His car seat is like a 2-part thing - the frame of it stays in the car but the seat part comes out and you can carry him around in it. Then when they go somewhere, that seat part fits back into the frame somehow. It's good because if he's sleeping, they don't have to wake him up to get him in the carseat. And they had to explain to me what a 'co-sleeper' was, but it's a neat thing! Wish I had one when mine were little!
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    I hope that this gets a lot of the used car seats off the market. It is SOO important to have any carseat involved in an accident replaced and discarded.

    I used to have a babysitter for Jessie who's husband was in demolitions at the local dump. The guys who worked at the dump pulled anything that looked usable out and took it home. Their spouses would clean things up and then garage sale them. It made me very angry when they resold car seats.

    I don't have any of that stuff anymore. But I do hope that they get some dangerous used car seats off the market and they throw them away.

    BUT, since this is a national program, I wonder if they are going to start selling used items. It would be a good way to build up inventory for an ebay store or children's resale shop.
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    Thanks. I'll forward to sister in law.