Tracy551 - How are you?

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Star*, Jul 22, 2009.

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    I Tracy551,

    I was just thinking about you today and hoping that things have calmed down in your neck of the woods a little bit. I was hoping to hear an update if you're up to it. How is your son? How about your Mom and Step-dad? Any word?

    Wanted you to know that you are not forgotten and despite all that your son has done - he's not forgotten either. He's still one of our kids. Hope you and the other boys are doing well.

    Hugs & Love
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    Star thank you so much for thinking of me!!! You know for never meeting you, you are the only one who has asked how I am doing. No one in my family asks me how I am holding up. I truely feel alone with this. Its almost like grieving. I cry alot when I am alone so no one knows how hurt I am feeling. We go to the court hearing today. I am going to work first and then I am going back. I hope I am up to going back. I know it would be the best cuz there is nothing I an do from home,but working in a doctors office I hope I can put on a happy face for everyone. We'll see.
    I'll let you know what happens.
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    Thinking of you, too, sending hugs, and hoping you will make it through today okay. :peaceful:
  4. Star*

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    Tracy -

    You are never alone when you are here. You can sit at your computer whenever you want, and type, and cry and get it all out of your system with us - and not type a single thing that we would find shocking, or odd, or even new for all that matters. IF it were to be something new I just think we would probably all nod our heads and go "oh....yeah that could happen." and move on. I used to tell people that I could literally peel a Maxi pad and stick it to my forhead and walk around in Walmart on a Saturday afternoon, be stared at and NOT be a single bit embarassed due to the stuff that I've purged from my soul here with my friends and board family. Come to think of it - I've probably done stranger things without thinking about it - but can't remember. Like the time I ate a Snickers bar in my unairconditioned car - on a 100 degree day, in white pants and thought I was ALL that - and then realized that it had broken into bits, melted on my butt and I was just not aware that I had melted chocolate on white capris...or the time that I got up and put my thong underwear on sideways and couldn't figure out why my panty line looked so odd - and then there was the time that I bought fruit in Walmart and put the recipt in my pocket and walked around eating it waiting to see how many people reported me for stealing fruit, and then someone posted here about how to really have fun at Walmart - even posted a list - and so I did - I put like 6 boxes of extra large Trojan condoms into some ladies cart, and like 4 boxes of preparation H and 3 Summers Eve into some hot guys cart. I mean - after living with our kids - you either cry, crack, find harmless ways to amuse yourself, detach or educate.

    It's okay to cry. It's even okay to be so angry you could spit and nail a piano to the wall - it's okay to seek out help in the form of therapy and also find a good bit%Ci&N buddy - because - you need one to vent to. Women need it. Don't have one? Come here. It is therapeutic. I was never very good about talking to women - most of the ones I knew all my life were back stabbers or information gatherers - and then would stab you in the back once they had your trust and deepest secrets. Most guys I knew used you - so that left trees - and dogs. Trees rot and dogs can run away. I think that's probably why the people here that I've met are so important to me. None of them have ever hurt me, or betrayed me or been ugly to me. They set me straight - and care - hug or just listen. Not to say I don't get a spankin' if I need it.....:tongue: but I've had such an incredible life - I choose to be a little less serious than most. So many years shoved into so few years - it can make you appreciate what is important - and that would be people like you Tracy -who feel alone when they really are not.

    So.....let us know how it went when you can. Know that (oh stop crying for pity sake - go get a kleenex..yes you are cry......GET A PIECE OF TOILET PAPER THEN if you don't have a kleenex----there) and now stop crying and when you can let us know how you are, how your son is and if you need to take a couple days from work - plan accordingly - Labor day is coming up -----maybe make a long weekend out of it - and have something to look forward to? Put in for the time now - so it will SEEM like a vacation - Know what I mean??? You don't have to GO anywhere - but maybe go get a pedicure (if you can get your feet touched) I cant. Or a manicure. I had a Rat named Mannie - He was so cool. Or like maybe a hair cut or a color or just a day where you do nothing but lay on a blanket in the park (take bug spray) or just something that is just FOR TRACY!! Not the boys - just it a I AM A WORN OUT MOM RECHARGING my BATTERIES ( i like it when they say batreeees) Day.

    Okay - Now - get some rest.....You need your beauty sleep....Princess...
    And turn that tv off..OMG you know you will NOT sleep if you watch LEtterman.....ish. (thats Swedish for ish) like - Oh brother)

    Hugs & Love