Training starts on xmas eve lol

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jena, Dec 11, 2008.

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    Alrite, i just got the call i head down tmrw for prints, and background checks, and training starts on xmas eve day!! LOL how funny is that?? :crazy2:

    I just laughed when my new boss said that i'd have to meet with HR on xmas day for a long presentation. Maybe not the "right" reaction, yet I couldn't help it. She said yea I know, but we're just trying to get you up and running so we can get you going right after holidays. I said nope it's all good let the juggling begin!! ha ha I said it could be worse it could be xmas day.

    So, i'll be gone from approx. 9 a.m. till about 3 p.m. difficult child's going to love this. :) hopefully she'll be so excited about Santa she won't mind being home with-easy child while i'm at training and boyfriend is working. So, i'm modifying plans a little, xmas baking will be reschedule to weekend before xmas, we usually do it on xmas eve day since their off and than they head to dad's family for the day than return to me at nite at my parents.

    Should be interesting to see me juggle this new job, if anything it'll be good for a laugh. That i will ofcourse share with all of you!!
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    Wow, you're taking this better than I would! Of course I worked way too many retail management positions to not cherish having my evenings, weekends and holidays off. I hope the juggling works out! :thumbsup:
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    I think at this point I am so so happy to have a job that will allow me to also care for difficult child that i'm totally thankful across the board. I had prayed and hoped for a job like this.

    Ummm i'm just hoping this isn't a sign of what's to come?? LOL You know the whole "oh, being a parent advocate will allow time for you to continue caring for YOUR difficult child" line...... hmmm.

    We shall see. I think she'll take the baking thing rough, but she know what i'll be doing and so she's happy about the type of job i'll be working. For some odd reason it matters to difficult child what I do. Other kids dont' worry about that stuff, yet she's very concerned with that, what my offer was (monetary), etc. funny, huh..?? She even asked ok this comes with insurance, right? so our dr.s will be on it?? can you imagine? by the way i never speak of these things infront of her. She is fascinated by her insurance card and her social security card lately, those were shown to her the other day or a week or so ago at the dermatolgist appointment. i had my wallet open and was new doctor so i had to give the card. she was fascinated that everyone had their own number to identify who were are. Also the insurance card tons of questions about that as well. funny girl
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    Glad to hear you have such a positive attitude! My dad used to work every holiday, we were just kind of used to it so it never really bothered us.
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    You sound excited. I'm glad you have something to look forward to.

    Most jobs I've had (and I've never worked retail, thank goodness) I worked Christmas Eve - at least part of the day. Getting off at 3:00 still leaves time for family. Hopefully, you'll have such a good time at training that you won't even remember what day it is!
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    Heather thats funny. Who knows, their going to be teaching me how to fill out my weekly schedule since i'l be on the road most of the time and also how to fill out my expense sheets for mos. gas and stuff.

    it is what it is. i don't care about me, difficult child will just have to deal.

  7. Hound dog

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    If I didn't congratulate you on getting the job before........... Woot! Woot! Huge congrats!!!! I hope you turn out to be perfect for your new job and love it. :D :D

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    Lisa thanks, i didn't check back at your thread, how did the test go???