Trains, planes and automobiles (and RVs)


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What is your preferred mode of travel, near and far?

I have not traveled in my RV yet, but bet I will love it.

Aside from that, I would pick automobiles as long as I am not the driver!! I get lost going to the corner of my block so I would not enjoy listening to every word of the golden voice of the GPS lady (and sometimes she is wrong!) So if I am not the driver, I pick cars as my favorite way to travel.

Trains I like. The engineer drives. You walk around, go to the observation deck, eat a good meal, get a snsck orocoffee, talk to others, and the wheels are on the ground. The downside is that they are not always timely.

Ah, planes.

I dont like to be in the air, although I will fly if needed. Its a bit claustrophobic for me since you cant leave. This is my least favorite way to travel. I take Dramamine first and sleep.



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I've only been on trains twice and the first doesn't count, since my dad arranged for me to ride in an old-fashioned caboose. LOL I took my son on a train trip once, BORING. But he loved every second because - TRAIN! He so loved trains.

If the whole point is to get somewhere though, like we have six days of vacation and we're going 2,000 miles away - then planes of course. I actually like flying, except for takeoff; I always have "crashed during takeoff" in my head. I'm even fine landing. Turbulence bothers me, but who does it not? It's not tight enough to trigger claustrophobia in me - generally. I got a bit antsy when stuck on the tarmac for and hour and a half once. If I were ever in one of those planes you hear of where they keep the passengers on the plane on the ground for like 5 hours, I'm pretty sure that before the 3rd hour was up the air marshal would be having words with me. My feet do NOT thank me. They end up looking like inflated rubber gloves. And of course there's the size issue. Jabber and I didn't buy an extra seat to Rome, but BOY were we glad to have an empty one next to us coming home. Two of us side by side is one too many. Luckily when we went to Vegas last time the lady next to me was small. Still, makes me very self-conscious about my size. So...while I do LIKE flying, there are many caveats. But I like getting to my destination with hours to spare and there are bad flights (the 10 hour flight to Rome was a terrible flight)...they're about the only game in town for long Distances.

If time isn't an issue though, I'd probably have to say driving too. I don't mind being the driver - in fact, I'm more relaxed as the driver - but I don't like heavy traffic. Still, the best part of being driven is that you can look around and see things! So many times, I've said, "Did you see that?" and poor Jabber says, "I didn't see it, I'm driving!"

Give me a full tank of gas and let me wander! I think I'd LOVE RV travel. With no time-table, I could just take all the little side roads to the towns with funny names and see the country. It sounds like heaven, at least for a good long while.


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Ahh! SWOT what have you done to me?

Jabber and I have spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME looking at RV's again on line, when there's ZERO chance we'll buy one in the next 5 years. But that doesn't stop me from finding what we like. LOL! I've even looked up things like the length of the truck we have to see how long the overall package would be (about 44 feet with a 25 foot trailer) and what we could tow (up to 7,000 lbs, loaded). ;)

We know now that we most likely could not do a 5th wheel, because they're too heavy. Actual RV's (drivable types) are really too pricey for what we want, as we'd also need a different vehicle to tow. Travel trailers are definitely the way for us to go and we can get quite nice, brand new ones for under $20,000.

Now I just need it to be 5 years from now. :roflmao:


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Dont rush it lol. It will happen soon enough.

We preferred one we can drive and we bought a used one for $20,000. It was a great deal!


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Horseback, actually, for distances up to 100 miles (I'd die if I tried that these days. In fact, riding a mile or two would have me so sore I'd be unable to walk the next day.)

For longer distances, train by far, though it's been several years since I've ridden Amtrak. European trains are wonderful though.

Planes are only for crossing oceans