Transition Planning and Guardianship planning E Classes online...


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I got this e-news letter from ARC and thought I'd share as it has come up once in a while.

They are starting to add more and some free e classes like this. These are around 40$. I haven't looked at the national site and I dont know if they specifically discuss some state issues but I would assume much of it is similar.

by the way, they offer CEU's for some of the classes. Transition (mid/high school IEP) class is only ten dollars more for CEU credits.


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buddy, thanks. I'm going to see if they have this also in Wisconsin. My son is currently transitioning and on Feb. 13 we are going to court to ask for guardianship (which Sonic WANTS us to have). And he needs us to have it. I appreciate the heads up about this class as it is perfect for us right now. Thanks you.

We encountered a great deal of resistance from the SPED department concerning difficult child 2's transition from high school/home to community college/independent living (many supports in place!). The SPED department didn't think it was their responsibility to prepare difficult child 2 for life after high school. He got good grades, as far as they were concerned, end of story. NO WAY!

I found out about a month or two ago (lost track of time during all of our moves), that the laws have changed in the state we're from. I'm not sure of all of the specifics, but beginning, (I think) in June, sped teachers will be required to teach ADL's in school. I don't have much confidence that this will be enforced where my difficult children attended school, but still, it's a step in the right direction.

I'm really glad you posted this! SFR


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OMGosh, a federal mandate for transition goals started many many years ago! At age 14 I am pretty sure.... I hope your state was sanctioned for that... problem is if they get money taken away it hurts the kids in the end...... sigh.

While the federal mandate regarding transition goals has supposedly been enforced in my "home" state, in some towns, including the town where my difficult children attended schools, it was little more then lip service, words on a sheet of paper. The bill which passed in the House, sent to the Senate, (not sure of it's status now) would require additional training in transition services for all sped teachers and rehab counselors. They would have to obtain an Endorsement in Transition Services in order to be licensed.

In the past, transition services didn't have to be provided during school hours and many teachers didn't have the training to focus on independent living skills, post secondary employment, social skills, etc... - All the components that are necessary for our difficult children to be successful in the "real" world.

We had to go to hearing to fight for these services for difficult child 2. We were shocked that we didn't win the battle - difficult child 2 was given a few more crumbs then he received before the hearing, but in general, they were just that, crumbs, not enough of the pie...

Sorry, I thought this bill had already become law. I guess I'm just a bit too hopeful... Anyway, at least the importance of the transition process is finally getting the attention it should have received years ago.

I'm going to get off of my "soapbox" before I really get started. I could go on and on and on, etc..., etc..., etc.... about this topic. SFR


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sfr, so sad. I feel awful for difficult child. Just amazing how states and SD's etc. get around things or ignore things and and and....

It has kind of been a hot area of license around here. I have three friends and a neighbor who chose to add the license cert. to their teaching licenses. Such a bummer. BUt even given that, like anything, there are good programs and awful ones. Some of the transition goals I have seen seem so stupid for lack of a professional word. My good friend, she is a pre school teacher for the deaf and also mother of two Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids, has a son in the transition plus program in our district. She is fighting them hard now and using the same law advocate as I. Her son needs college prep, not academically, he does well there... but in terms of advocating for himself, how to approach a professor, how to get accommodations, etc. They want him to sit in cooking classes, follow directions, summarize news paper articles (how many people do that in life??) etc. they go on field trips... ummm... this kid transports himself several cities away by bus and works in a store at teh mall of america! he is fine in public. HE is not even aspergers... just plain old autism. Really frustrating. there is a lot of work to do. I am really sorry for your fight. I think we need yoru soap box for the sake of everyone!