Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)/Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) psychiatric called...he is onboard and what do you guys do for conferences?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Oct 11, 2011.

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    Our home based psychiatric has been coming to all of the meetings at school and advising them about ABI/Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and how it differs in terms of behavioral management. He said to go ahead and continue with legal aid/disability law ctr. because he is concerned that this is going to go on for the next 5-7 (including transition programming after grade 12) years. I said, so you are saying if this goes to mediation or court, you will come and state your opinion (I knew the answer but needed to hear it again) and he said yes. He reaffirmed that I am nto asking for the moon, I support their efforts etc. so that is a relief. It is almost 2 andI haven't heard from school. I did send the email to them to warn them of the low sleep night he had (rare for him, he is a good sleeper--only when anxious).

    psychiatric is former school/ed. psychiatric and now neuropsychologist so really knows their strategies and positions. He is just a good guy so I hope it makes a difference.

    I didn't go to volunteer today. I was too tired after last night and too worried about being cornered and having him suspended again. I needed time to think.

    I am giving them 4 extra days over mea week anyway so I can take one off. (book sale so I always help).

    Hey regarding conferences, how do most of you do it? even though we have these team meetings and he doesn't see many gen ed staff, I still schedule conferences. I tell them I dont want to talk BIP or even IEP unless it is directly related to classroom work. i want to be a "normal" parent who gets to see writing and projects etc. I know it means extra time for them but otherwise the whole reason he is in school goes out the window with all the focus on "behavior". Any other ideas?
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    You plan sounds good. Just focus on the "easy child" moment.
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    I use conferences as a way to get a rating on the teacher.
    We're dealing with HS - different teacher every subject. RR teachers know us well... but not the classroom teachers. Last spring... 3-ways (here, student is included) told us a LOT about the teachers... but especially the ones which happened to teach the "problem" subjects. (i.e. biggest problem was teacher, not subject!)
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    Yes, treat the conferences as if he were "normal" How's he doing, what can he do to improve, what has he done, etc.
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    good point...he hates coming but we have started that he can come in for a little then go walk out if it is too much. She likes him to show me some of his work but we haven't done it in the gen ed. class so I t hink I will do that. Thanks.

    Thanks everyone else too, love this place.