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Well, yesterday was Trick or Treat. It was cool and windy. 40 mph gusts. But it has been worse. husband sat outside since our door isn't the best and the wind would of blown it off the hinges. He had the dogs (all dressed up pretty) Had to bring them in because they wanted to smell every kids butt! Then they sat in the window and cried the entire time because husband was outside. They didn't bark at everyone like I thought. Cried.

It really irritates me though....The people who come to our neighborhood that don't live here. They come in Van's and drive along while the kids (who don't live near us) trick or treat. If you can't even get out and WALK with your kids then don't come! They just drive real slow and park, then drive some more and park. Van's full of kids!!!!

I don't even mind the kids as much as those parents in the cars. Get out and walk.

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I don't understand why the kids went out trick or treating yesterday and not on Friday, Halloween. Is this common in a lot of places??

When our girls were little, we took our pups along, but after a block they also became a pain to drag along and we'd deposit them home. Our neighborhood used to be filled with kids, not anymore. I'd love for some families to drive over to our neck of the woods, but you're right - it's annoying when they just creep down the road in their cars. GET OUT AND WALK!!!

Happy Halloweenie.:witchcrafting:


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We HAVE to drive our kids somewhere to trick or treat. NO ONE in our neighborhood passes out candy, not even other families iwth kids. So we go to the neighborhood by my parents. We also drive to some family friends', they have a neighbor with an AMAZING Halloween display, but we DO walk with our kids. I get mad when the kids only walk up to the door and back to the car to be DRIVEN to another house! We always walk, simply because it seems dumb to drive along following your kid.

Trick or Treat night is this Friday here. First year Jess is too old to go. It is a 12 and under sport in our town.



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We're in the same boat with you, Susie. Last year there were probably only a 1/2 dozen houses that participated in the candy thing. It really doesn't surprise me, because we only have a handful of kids in the entire neighborhood, plus we live on a steep hill that no one wants to climb up. And with the economic times we are in, I'll bet there will be even fewer folks with their porch lights on this Friday.

We may walk the kids just on our street and then will drive them down to the "flat lands" where there are many more kids and more houses that participate in the holiday.

difficult child 1 is 14 and he fully intends to trick or treat this year. I'm not going to discourage it, because I know he's immature and short for his age anyway. It's one of the last few childhood things left for him... he has many, many years ahead of him where he won't be doing this, so why hurry?


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Around here, trick or treating is on Halloween. Mischief nite is the night before (difficult child 1's birthday - nothing like irony!).

While we have a lot of people drive their kids, what they do is drop the kids at the top of the street and then drive to the cross street and wait for them to "do" the block.

What REALLY drives me nvts, is that there are quite a few parents who drive their kids around with eggs, shaving cream and toilet paper to wreak havoc in other people's neighborhood and then act as the "get-away" driver.

This year, I've been working out with the pitch-back, my arm is ready and I'm going to egg the cars of the ones that hit MY house! moooohahahaha!!

Happy Halloween!



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Mischief night is almost non-existent around here, these days. There is a serious curfew the night before and other than a few smashed pumpkins in our old neighborhood, nothing really happens. Thank goodness. I don't even hear the term used around here anymore. It got so out of control with kids really destroying property and stuff that there was no other choice but to make a strict curfew. I'm happy. However, parents or older sibs doing the getaway driving is just sickening.

We have a lot of main roads that go through our town and the houses have a lot of property, so the kids that live on main roads are typically driven to neighborhoods. I don't mind it so much, especially since there aren't that many kids on my street. What ticks me off are the parents that drive their kids down our block at 9:00 and the kids ring the door bell even though the porch light is off. The general rule (around here, anyway) is no more trick or treating after 8:00. Some parents just don't think.....especially when it's a school night...I have young kids that I want in bed before 9 and when my doorbell rings for trick or treaters, they want to get up and see what's going on.


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We never know what to expect in our neighborhood. Some years we have
a dozen kids and some years we had scads of them. Our neighborhood is
safe and has next to no traffic so lots people drive and dump their kids.

Last year we had probably fifty trick or treaters and most of them were darling little children. I enjoyed last year. Hope this weekend is fun too.


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Our neighbourhood doesn't see a lot of action on Halloween night. It's sparsely populated, mainly with older families and there's a lot of walking to get from house to house. Add to that, the side streets don't have any sidewalks and it's tough sledding for the little ones.

We usually leave a basket of treats on our doorstep for any passers-by, and go out to dinner and a movie (or hide in the family room with all the lights out watching DVDs).


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Wow, Mischief Night? We NEVER had this, and I grew up in this college town! And to have PARENTS be "get away drivers"? I am disgusted. That is just so tacky and rude, not to mention making the parents a part of the vandalism.

I guess I just remember the trouble some of the kids I went to high school got into. They went to a party where there wasn't a parent home, TP's and egged the house (outside) and a whole bunch of htem got charged with vandalism, lost scholarships, etc... I think about 15 kids ended up on probation.

I cannot imagine what they would do to an adult who helped.

I know the really rich neighborhoods get flooded with kids every year. The rumor is theat they give out full size bars of candy, and they don't. but the rumor has persisted since before I was a teen.

We have college groups that do things for halloween to make it safe - one group fills our Expo Center (where the county fair is) with games adn kids come to get candy. I "pay" my kids with a bag of candy EACH if they don't make me go there, LOL! IT is hot and crowded and noisy, just too much for thank you and I with the Sensory Integration Disorder (SID).

But several dorms and sorority houses also do trick or treating. Kids go along certain floors, decorated, and get candy. It seems fun for the college kids too.

What all do your communities do that is different from the door to door trick or treating?

(oh, the 12 and under isn't MY limit - it is our town's age limit. Older kids can only go if they are taking younger siblings, or that is what is supposed to happen. No one enforces it strictly, but it does help keep vandalism down.)