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    why i don't know, i'm a good person maybe, or i just dont' have the time literally right now to go dragging him into court. times just not there, simply put. as it is if things don't change soon we'll be headed to oregon after holidays. so, we'll see.

    i kept him away from difficult child for two weeks after last incident. than she ofcourse asked for him, i spoke with-him briefly and said this is your last shot or i'm back at court if you make any scene whatsoever infront of her. he agreed.

    no scene was made smooth drop off pick up he took her to a movie last weekend. yet she walked in door and began crying because DAD had a big talk with-her about her eating disorder how she's chosing it, how she can't go to his house anymore because of it, etc.

    he's been texting for two days now asking when he'll see her this weekend.

    i answered and said i honestly do not know what to do with you. you are now causing me problems at her school because you called there and blew up on them about tutors not being in and a bunch of other junk. which he had no right to at all.

    you upset her when your with her by having these big inspirational talks you think they are yet all they do is stress her.

    before this happened you never desired any extra time with-her other than your 4 days a mos. you two hardly ever spoke on phone. now you call her each night, suddenly question about doctor's etc. this is a work in progress for years now.

    so, i just dont' know anymore what to do with him. i know what's easier for me at this point and to give myself a breather send her with him for their weekends. i def. won't do that. yet it's just a sticky situation because i'm really not at a point where i want to go legal for alot of reasons. i dont' want difficult child upset and dragged into some ridiculous court situation now wrong wrong thing to do to her. i dont' have the time for court dates, research doctor's testimony etc. been down this road before years ago wtih him it takes diligence and alot of work.

    so yea i'm confused and put him off yet again. told him i'm tired of the nasty text messages insulting me, the bs when your with her. yet i also told him i know you can't help it because you yourself need help and always have. just go get it already. if this doesnt teach you to get your own help and an 11 year old child is brave enough to i don't know what will wake him up.

    cops removing him out of our home over a decade ago didn't work either. he's like a lost cause.

    husband and i gotta go head to court on monday with-difficult child he'll sit in truck with-her just so i can get a copy of my custody order because school wont' even call me anymore until i have that document. it's so absurd and he just doesn't get what he does.
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    I have a great friend in Oregon if you wind up going there I'll put you in touch with her so you'll have a friend off the bat.