TRINITY.....How are you and the twins????

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    I hope all is well, has the nausea subsided?.....I hope you're feeling fine.-Alyssa
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    twins!!! did I know this??? CONGRATS!!!
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    I would like an update too! Hugs, ML
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    Hope everything is well with you Trinity!:)
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    Hope all three of you are doing great!
  6. trinityroyal

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    Thanks for asking ladies!

    Actually, I had a check-up with my ob-gyn this morning, and all is well so far. Based on measurements and ultrasound, the twins are definitely taking after husband in the stature department. They are BIG babies. Eeeek!

    husband is spoiling me rotten, difficult child has really come around to liking the idea of having more little brothers and/or sisters to spoil. I hope the reality can measure up to the dream in that department, but it's a nice dream in the meanwhile.

    Little easy child doesn't really seem to have fully figured things out yet. We've been talking a lot about when he was a baby and the cute things he used to do, and he's been asking oblique questions, but he doesn't seem ready to know yet. I figure he'll start asking questions when he's good and ready, and I'll have The Talk with him then.

    Step-D is still horrified by the whole notion. She said some very hurtful things to husband about how he should be focusing on saving for his retirement and looking after the kids he's got rather than bringing two more unnecessary kids into the world. Needless to say, things have been a bit frosty in that department since then.

    I've broken the news to the Big Boss at work (finally--WHEW!), and no longer feel like I have to hide under giant suit jackets. As it was, everyone had figured things out, but no one was willing to say anything out loud.

    So, things are ticking along smoothly.

    Hope everyone's doing well. I know I've been a bit AWOL lately, but I've been a bit preoccupied.

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    I'm glad to hear the babies are doing well. I'm sorry about what step d said. Probably jealousy and pre sibling rivalry speaking. Hopefully she will work through the pettiness to realize what a gift new life truly is to your family. Try not to worry about weight. You are a beautiful pregnant (with twins) woman. It is okay to be fat. Once you have them babies and they breast feed day and night you will be back to your trim figure in no time. We love you. ML
  8. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    Oh, Trinity! There's nothing like watching twins grow and interact. As non-verbal toddlers our guys would just look at each other, break out in laughter and go get into trouble. They cooperated to move heavy furniture in order to climb up high. Not a word needed to be spoken, they just KNEW how to get the job done. Every morning they took all the screws out of their cribs and took them apart, every morning!

    The first time I took them out to get the mail (long Maine driveway) it took me 45 mns to get to the box because, as soon as I would I grab one, the other got away.

    They helped each other, one started fires and the other put them out...One would get stuck way up in a tree and the other would get a ladder.

    The whole potty training process was like watching two dogs trying to impose dominance. Each had his own but if one "performed" first, the other circled his brother's and did his thing on top of his twin's

    I miss those miraculous days. I even miss the smell of their pee soaked diapers, as strange as that sounds.
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    Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about you too. Most importantly, I'm glad you and the babies are doing well. I'm sorry to hear about Step D's attitude though:mad:. She sounds like a very unhappy person...

    It's still hard for me to believe, we're going to be "cyber aunties" to twins soon...!!! :D WFEN
  10. trinityroyal

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    ThreeShadows, your twin adventures sound like such a hoot.

    Reminds me of my twin cousins, who are just a few months older than I am. They are identical, and it always seemed that they could read each other's minds. I remember, one year one of my cousins just up and passed out for no reason. Turns out that his brother was running in a race and passed out from heat exhaustion. The connection really is amazing.

    And yes ML and WFEN. I do think Step D is suffering from pretty severe jealousy. I think she's feeling a bit abandoned. husband and I spend much more time with difficult child and Little easy child, understandably since they're so much younger and Step-D has been living on her own for the last few years. And she probably worries that there will be even less time for her when the little ones come along. But I just wish she'd handle it in a more mature manner.

    Rather than lashing out, it would be nice if she could just say "I'm feeling lonely." Or whatever. Then we could clear the air and deal with it.
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    Trinity, great update. Thankyou! And congrats.
    I'm glad things are going well at work.
    So sorry about StepD. Sigh.

    My older sisters are identical twins. They're actually "mirror twins." One has a mole on the right side of her cheek, the other has a mole on the left side. One parts her hair on the right, the other on the left. One is left handed, the other right.
    They had their own language when they were toddlers. They are still very close.

    Do you know the sexes yet? Are they identical?

    I hope your nausea is better.
  12. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Hey Terry.
    Mirror twins! That's so very cool. There are so many sets of twins running loose in my family, but no mirror twins.

    As for mine, they're definitely fraternal. At the last ultrasound, the tech showed us how they were placed, and it's like a little duplex apartment in there. One on the ground floor, and one on the top floor, heads pointing in opposite directions.

    husband and I have decided that we don't want to know the sexes. We're happy to wait and see. Little easy child is hopping up and down, saying "I hope the twins are brothers, I hope the twins are brothers..." (and secretly, I kind of do to, because I'm soooo not good with girlie things), but I'll be happy with healthy babies of whatever sort.

    difficult child is bouncing off the walls with excitement. His Residential Treatment Center (RTC) 1:1 is taking him to the hospital where I will give birth this morning. He has signed up to be a hospital volunteer and this morning is his interview. I'm more than a little amazed. This really seems to have awakened difficult child's long-dormant empathy gene. I'll be very interested to see how this pans out.

    I have an ultrasound in about an hour, and I'm dying to see how they're doing in there.

    And yes, the nausea is better. Thanks.

  13. 1905

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    It's so exciting!.... I agree, as long as they're healthy who cares about the sex. (Although secretly I always wanted a little girl.....maybe one day I'll have a grandaughter)-Alyssa
  14. TerryJ2

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    Just checking in to see how you all are doing.
    You'll have so many pictures to show them when they're older! :)
    I love the duplex scenario, LOL!
  15. trinityroyal

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    Sorry I missed this. I've been offline for several days.

    I had to spend part of the weekend in the hospital, being checked over for various complications. Everything is fine with the babies, thank goodness, though their mom is a bit fragile.

    But, I now have definite confirmation that these babies are mischief makers extraordinaire (as if there was any doubt).

    There were 4 neonatal nurses working to get the fetal monitors set up. Each time they would get a successful reading, both babies would move out of the way. Almost as though they were playing hide-and-seek. After 10-odd tries, the nurses just threw up their hands and gave up.

    When the doctor came by later to review the fetal monitor results, I explained. He rolled his eyes, said "Looks like you've got your hands full with those 2 already."

    Hmmm...difficult child's in the making? Time will tell.
  16. TerryJ2

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    Hmmm...difficult child's in the making? Time will tell.


    My husband's mom had bruises on her abdomen when she was pregnant with-him. He kicked a LOT. He still kicks and hits in bed. ;)

    Thanks for the update.
  17. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member


    Well, between the twins' acrobatics and Little easy child poking my belly all the time to get them to "come out and play", I suspect I'll be seeing some of those bruises myself.

    Maybe I'll just furnish the nursery with circus equipment instead of cribs and call it a day. :tongue:
  18. SearchingForRainbows

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    I'm glad to hear the twins are doing well. How are you feeling? I think of you often but haven't been posting much lately.

    With the babies as active as they are, you won't have to worry about not being able to exercise,lol... Circus equipment? You won't even need it. The twins will probably find all kinds of creative ways to use the furniture you already own. WFEN
  19. trinityroyal

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    WFEN, you've been on my mind as well, what with difficult child 1's graduation, and your planning for difficult child 2.

    I've been having some complications, spent a little bit of time in the hospital for pain management and monitoring, and I'm now on partial bed rest. The babies are healthy, but they are taking a toll on their worn-out mother. I should probably start a thread about it, but I haven't wanted to dwell on the daily yuck by writing about it as well as living through it.

    We're getting through each day as it comes. I keep looking at the charts and statistics and telling myself, if I can last 6 more weeks, then the babies will be viable without a significant risk of complications. At this point, that's my goal. Exercise has completely fallen off the radar for the moment.
  20. Wiped Out

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    Hugs to you Trinity. Take care of you (and, of course, the babies):)