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    Who is the blind, african-american singer that sang in the "We are the world" get-together? It isn't Stevie wonder that they keep showing on tv, but I can't think of his name. He's playing piano and looks more like my mother's generation- I know he used to be very popular.
  2. slsh

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    Ray Charles?
  3. klmno

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    Yes, I think it is! Thank you! I kept thinking- I know it isn't Louis Armstrong (who I love) or Charlie Pride.
  4. Abbey

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    I keep thinking of things like this. What an awesome opportunity it was for them to all get together and sing this song. Put behind all the work, composure was quite amazing. Lots and lots of people, old and new, who had to juggle schedules, etc., to meet in the same place and do the song. I love watching them look through the sheet was a one shot deal.

    Ok...I'll go back to my sappy corner. These guys were great.

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    Thanks, Abbey! The world sure seems a lot different now. This song will have new meaning as we lose these great artists. I hope the generations coming up can find and show the compassion for others in this world.
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    Ray Charles.
  7. Abbey

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    He is a true talent. Here's the early version, but the latest one is almost more interesting. Watch him play the piano. For those of you you who keyboards, it's just a feeling. Your hands just fall on the deck and you play. Doesn't matter if you're blind or not.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Georgia on my Mind- Ray Charles[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind[/ame]

  8. klmno

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    I love that song! I can't believe I couldn't remember his name- must be old age. difficult child and I had seen a documentary about Ray on TV- it was pretty interesting.

    Another comment on this song- Lionel Richie said MJ approached him about writing a song together to help those in Africa. If you recall, LR was pretty popular during that time, too. Anyway, LR said he asked MJ how he expected them to write a song together when NEITHer of them could read or write music. I was shocked to hear that. by the way- I had thought that song was to raise money for AIDS research, but apparantly it was to fight hunger. Either way- both were important causes.

    They are killing me in the media with MJ but it has made me stop and think about some things- I just wish they would slow MJ stories down a bit.

    I know piano- but I learned the hard way- from a few years of lessons as an adolescent. I was taught to play without looking at the keys. However, there is no way I could ever play or sing like these people with God-given talent, no matter how many years of lessons I could have gotten. Some people were/are just born with an amazing gift that becomes almost magical if they work with it. Take Susan Boyle for instance. I hope she becomes famous so warrior moms can tell their difficult child and Learning Disability (LD) kids "you see, she has her struggles in some areas that others don't, but she has abilities in an area that most don't, this makes her unique".

    Ok- I'm getty too sappy!
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