Trojan virus or whatever they are?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Dec 6, 2007.

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    Diva had a different antivirus thing on her computer (yes, I speak techspeak) than I do and for some reason it quit updating in early October, a fact I discovered 3 days ago due to very icky computer performance. :smile:

    So... I switched her to mine, ran the scan several times, and got rid of 19 whatchamacallits - some were trojans (gosh, will that be censored???), some were spyware, some were who knows what.

    So there's still 1 left, called Puper. It's in a .dll file. It apparently affects Explorer according to my antivirus site (AVS). They have a DAT (whatever that is) file I can download and do something or other with - I printed out instructions. AVS also recommended turning off "system restore" because apparently these things can regenerate (more techspeak). Of course I can't even open Explorer on her computer anymore, probably due to this bug, so I have to go buy some CDs that I can copy on (any recommendations on that? I've never done it, still use floppies on my 'puter), download the DAT file, and then hope that I can run it on her 'puter.

    So my question is, is it worth the headache of fighting with- her computer, which is being a real bear, to get it to run the DAT file, assuming I can download and copy it in the first place, or would it be more headache-efficient to just plan on doing nothing Saturday and formatting c and reinstalling umpteen gazillion Barbie programs? And will formatting c even do the trick, or can they hide out somewhere in there and continue to mess things up?
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    Try downloading AGV antivirus or AVAST. Run those for the trojan. Not all antivirus software will rid you of all antiviruseses(tech speak)

    There is a really good freebie Trojan remover - have to go see what it is. Lavasoft also removes them.

    I'm sure someone savy will come along and help you. Personally I would probably wipe it clean, if the antivirusesesse don't work, and then reinstall XP or whatever OS you have. Choose a few barbie programs (let her pick) and install AGV (it's freeware). Just keep in mind if you don't have a disc for Internet Explorer you will need one - AND you can download Firefox as your web browser - it's a lot better, just some sites won't open with the fox.

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    If you get really stuck, try They're wonderful at solving problems!

    It's a board of volunteer computer experts - you have to register, then you just describe your problem, and pretty soon there are all kinds of people coming on offering suggestions. Or if you look through the questions already asked, you'll probably find that someone else has had the same problem and you can see how they fixed it. They've helped me several times.
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    Is another really helpful site. The members are extremely knowledgable and I've used it a lot. Good luck, I know how frustrating tech work can be...:)