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    Ok so Toto....the whole plot going on with...whatshername....Lorena? All of this with her and with Godric has drifted so far away from the books. And then with the ending of the last episode??? OMG...I'm DYING to see what happens. But....I'm still hoping that they keep one part of the book correct where Lorena is concerned. I SOOOOOOOOOOOO want to see Sookie be able to take care of the problem like she did in the books.

    And BUBBA!!!! OMG...they HAVE to include Bubba!!!!
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    Could someone here please explain to me (as if you were speaking to a two y.o.;)), what is the current fascination with vampirism? And, when I say "current", don't forget my age, my current is a long one.
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    A number of authors have created new worlds with vampires living with people. True blood (aka the Sookie Stackhouse Series) is by Charlaine Harris. I have not seen a full episode but I have read many of the books. Sookie is telepathic. She also lives in a small town in the South. Much of the culture of the South is included. These books do have sex but it is not graphic or even violent. Sookie likes Bill, the vampire, because when she sleeps with him she doesn't feel his emotions pushing at her. This series is one of the less explicit vampire series. Sexually explicit I mean.

    Anita Blake is one of the wilder vampire series. The series is written by Laurell K Hamilton. She also writes a series about a fairy who is a PI and also the heir to the "throne" of the fairy world. Meredith Gentry, the fairy, is involved in a bunch of political stuff that never makes sense to me. Anita Blake is another story.

    Anita raises zombies for a living. She actually is a necromancer and if she doesn't use her power to raise zombies then zombies come looking for her. Anita is "dating" a werewolf and a vampire (the vampire head of St. Louis, actuallly). She also is bound with them in a triad. But anita got some supernatural "gift" from John Claude, the vampire. She must ahve sex frequently and it wears the men out, so one or two guys are not enough.

    These books are VERY explicit sexually. Many people are turned off by it, esp as it is integral to the story. I like the way she handles problems, and the way her world is so much like ours but so different at the same time. The early books in the series were not nearly as sex-based. I know quite a few women who loved the early books and have been totally upset by the sex in the later books.

    Tanya Huff has a series about a vampire (Henry Fitzroy, the heir to the english throne at one point) and an ex-cop turned PI. Vickie Nelson, the PI, gets drawn into a case where a demon killed some people. Then she crossed paths with Henry. He cannot influence her like other people, so he 'comes out' to her. They frequently end up working with Vickie's ex partner, who still thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread, but also thinks she is in over her head with Henry.

    I have not read Tanya Huff's work, but the tv series (on lifetime - you can watch the first season on their website) is very well done, in my opinion. It is fun, not a heavy drama.

    Sherrilyn Kenyon has a series that is very different from any vampire novel. It deals with all kinds of supernaturals and the humans who help them hide their secrets. It is too much to explain here, but the books are really fun reads.

    Christine Feehan has a couple of series dealing with the supernatural stuff. The Drake sisters are 7 sisters with magical gifts. They are the children of a woman who had seven sisters, etc... It is a fun series. NOt heavy duty. Good love stories with some plot going on.

    She has a leopard series. It was just a book years ago. Then she added a short story in an anthology. Now she has another one out, Burning Wild. I am reading it now.

    Feehan also has a vampire series that I find over complicated and heavy reading. Lots of sex in it but it is strange. Then she has the "game" series. About men who have gone through a military experiment to give them psychic gifts. And women that went through his testing as very young children (monster adopted them from 3rd world countries). I do enjoy this, but some of the books feature a set of twin men who are a bit to extreme. The sex with them is VERY intense with a strong touch of violence. It really was not enjoyable. I like most of the books but the two male twins was not a wonderful idea for a book.

    Kelley Armstrong writes Women of the Otherworld. They are shapeshifters, demons, witches and sorcerers, etc... Their is continuity between books, characters in one book are stars of another book, etc... It is fun. The problems the characters face are pretty compelling, in my opinion.

    Lynsay Sands writes hysterical vampire books. Stand in the grocery store cackling your head off books. Light plot with a mystery or problem, characters you become fond of, just lots of fun. I highly recommend them. The sex in these books is there, but not "in your face".

    The last series I can think of is written by Kerrelyn Sparks. The first one is How to marry a millionaire vampire. It is hysterically funny. The books are light, fun and very interesting. Vampires have "come out of the closet" with the invention of artificial blood. Throughout the series they come out with other blood products - like chocolood, chocolate flavored blood. They even come out with alcoholic products in one book. Of course some vampires didn't want to "come out" and they try to sabotage the blood factories, etc... That is where the conflict usually comes into play. Sex in this series is not a big part either.

    I am not sure WHY so many series popped up now, except that as Anne Rice and then Laurell K Hamilton and Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christine Feehan gained popularity the publishers starting looking for new series about vampires.

    I hope you try a few of teh books. Many of them are very enjoyable.
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    Well then....if we're going to start recommending books.....get out your pen and paper. LOL

    In addition to the ones Susie mentioned....

    MaryJanice Davidson has a vamp series out (The Queen Betsy books). The titles are all Undead and....something. Off the top of my head, I couldn't tell you what the first one is but they are very funny. Some sex but not pages and pages of intimate, up close details. Lots of snark and some interesting swear words. She also has some stuff out about werewolves and the last Betsy book crossed over into that series. The main character is Betsy Taylor who, according to legend, is the vampire Queen. She was killed in an accident (if I remember right, she got creamed by a bus) and woke up a vamp. Along with being the Queen, she's also destined to be the consort/wife of Eric Sinclair. She's a shoe junkie, has amusing friends and can be quite perturbed about her royal duties. (MJ also has a few other about a half-mermaid, one about the royal family of Alaska had we not purchased Alaska from Russia and Alaska declared it's independance....VERY funny)

    Michele Bardsley also has a vamp series out with the first one being I'm The Vampire That's Why. Her books take place in a small, dying town in OK. Seems a group that keeps track of and kind of governs the vamps and other paranormals, decided to set up shop in this town. One of their vamps though was infected with a virus and basically turns most of the residents into vamps. The ones who weren't infected moved out so now the entire town is pretty much paranormals. These are also fairly light reading and funny. There is also sex in them but about the same as MJ's books.

    I also agree with Susie on the Lynsay Sands books. This is one of the things I like about vamp (or other paranormal) books. Since these "beings" don't exist, you can make them anyway you want. Some are fairly traditional in their strengths and weaknesses but Lynsay's series is different. Her vamps originated in Atlantis when scientists there invented a nano to be injected into people and cure cancer and other diseases. The only problem was, the nanos didn't die because there is always damage to be repaired in the human body. a result, and because the nanos use blood as fuel, they modified the bodies they are in to give them fangs so the people can get blood. In modern times though, the vamps use blood banks and feed off of bagged blood. They can eat, they can go outside although if they do, there is sun damage and they need to consume more blood than usual.

    The Sookie books are great also! Much tamer than the HBO version! LOL

    I too don't know why the paranormal genre is so popular right now but if you are the least bit curious....I'm sure there is a series or two out there for you.
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    I am not "into" Vampires and have no idea about the Twilight series etc.

    I have an old love due to the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles.
    That is it for me.

    So the True Blood story is kind of the old Louisiana take on things with the twists thrown in much like Anne used to do.
    Also with the deep passionate but strange love triangle.

    Yes I can't wait to see Sunday's episode!!!
    I think the actress that plays Maryanne is great, only because she drives me crazy. She is evil!

    I have only had a chance to read the read the first book... :(

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    Ohhhhh boy....if you're watching season 2 and haven't read BOOK are in for some surprises!!! If you want me to say more, I will in a PM but you'll have to ask first! LOL
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    OH! I forgot MaryJanice Davidson and Betsey, Queen of the Vampires!!!!! WHO could forget a vampire who gets killed and then wakes up. She figures she is supposed to be dead (and who wouldn't want to be dead given the shoes her stepmother put her in for the funeral!!!) and goes and jumps in the biggest body of water around. She walks around on the bottom of the river for a while and then decided it isn't going to work. So she walks out.

    Her family has already had her funeral service. Her best friend and her mother are both shocked. Her father seems glad she is alive, but it is muted. Her stepmother (who is just mean, and was possessed by the devil for a while - no, she really WAS possessed by the devil herself!) is just upset because Betsey wants her shoes and clothes back. (Betsey is addicted to shoes, fancy expensive shoes.)

    Then Betsey goes and finds the other vampires. She ends up in a clinch with a tall dark handsome vampire. Then she kills the old vampire in charge of the other vampires because he is a tyrant. So she inherits all his stuff.

    Then she learns that the things that kill normal vampires (holy water, sun, crosses, mentioning God, Amen, singing hymns) do not have an effect on her. She can even PRAY! And read the bible!

    So she learns she is Queen of the Vampires and that by "hooking up" with Sinclair (Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome Vampire) she has made him her King. But she won't accept that vampires already think they are married by vampire standards, and she insists on a "real" wedding.

    This is a truly hilarious series - another stop in the grocery aisle and cackle book! It is also one of the less sexually explicit vampire series.

    I haven't read Michele Bardsley. I will have to try those books.
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    Susie, are you in MJ's yahoo group?
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    I came across this video of the guy (Jace Everette) who sings the song used as the theme song for True Blood. (LOVE the song)

    [ame=""]YouTube - jace everett - bad things[/ame]

    He's a cutie and could do alllllll the bad things he wanted to....oh um...ahem... yeah. He's cute. :916blusher: