Truly Beautiful Love Story

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    I ran across this and it is truly amazing. it is a truly sweet and very real love story. A month after his wife of 75 years died, Fred wrote a song for her. He was not a musician or singer, but had to express this. He then saw an ad for a contest to have a song recorded at a local studio, so he sent his song. The studio people were truly amazed and went out of their way to write music for the song and record it. They recorded the process and the song.

    It is truly beautiful and I hope very much that each of us will experience this very real love in our lives in some way, especially if we do not already have it. Even more, I hope and pray that every single one of our children, and their children, will experience a love this real and wonderful and enduring.

    The video is 9:26 long and the song itself starts at 5:53