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    at least the title is!

    How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with Skill

    I found it at Neato, .

    Oh there were days I wanted to carry a journal with a similar title, just because after a few thousand accusations by my child, sometimes I just wanted to poke back at him.

    And now? Someone has written it for me, lol.

    It also brings up the funniest Wiz memory.

    When he was about six, h informed me that he finally figured out what adults do on New Year's Eve. Parents all get together and spend the ENTIRE night plotting the best ways to make our kids miserable all year long.

    It was about the hardest thing in the world not to bust out laughing hysterically. He was totally serious and very intense and sure about this. The idea that any single parent, much less more than two in the same room, would have ANYTHING to talk about other than our kids just totally did not seem possible to him. What other stuff could clutter our minds? Given how important our kids were, esp the oldest one, we surely didn't have brain power enough to think about anything else, ever.

    This still cracks me up. It is one of those things that makes me think grandbabies would be especially fun, kwm? Boy the stories he is going to have to overcome.

    So, Wiz jr got a note from school. He's past kindergarten? Well, what are you upset for? You got one in kindergarten for telling a playground monitor your name was Jack :censored2:. Wiz Jr didn't even cuss.

    Yeah, I have soooooooooo many things like that, lol. Just lke my folks.

    I scared the koi out of Wiz a few weeks ago. I told him that he is the age I was when I met husband, and almost a year later married him, and a few mos after that had Wiz. First time in a very long time he has just turned white, lol!
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    Uh-oh. My son will think I wrote this ...
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    Susie you should write your own version of that - How to Train Your Children Creatively When They Don't Respond to Traditional Methods - and put in all the ways you've used!