trying a life coach for difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, May 5, 2011.

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    so one of husband's oldest friends is remarried and his stepdaughter has bipolar as well. so his friend was saying how his wife works with a life coach who due to her advice and some holistic approach's they've seen some real improvements.

    so i figured hey why not? we've been struggling again with difficult child giong to bed, waking up, now the hormone's kicking in.

    so i emailed the woman today to set up a free phone consultation for 20 minutes to see what she has to offer me, difficult child, our family......

    she has a masters in pyschology and apparently has been doing this for 15 years.

    we shall see.......i'm open to anything lol
  2. That sounds cool! Let us know how the phone consult goes.
  3. InsaneCdn

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    Keep us posted - please!
    We've just found out about an "ADHD Coach" up here... who will work one-on-one with anything ADHD related, including sense of time, time management, social skills... that doesn't cover ODD stuff, but its GOT to help...
  4. Jena

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    well we emailed.... get this?? she doesn't even see the kid in person..... she does phone or skype?? wt....... ya gotta be kidding me?? it's 65 a shot, no herbal or holistic help with medications... ya ok no thanks!!!
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    please don't take this the wrong way, but at one point in time we decided that our limited funds would be better spent on our own mental health and parenting skills rather than on therapy for our kids which wasn't really seeming to help. Sometimes therapy does more to help parents manage better which in turn helps kids. Or if you daughter does indeed have serious mental illness, put your funds towards a really decent psychiatrist rather than herbal remedies. I am cautious there because some herbs can mess with the same neurochemical pathways as SSRIs.

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    Well, I sure wouldn't go for phone-in stuff... you can't handle complex people without complex input, and that means "in person". period.
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    I have never heard of a life coach who works only by phone. Sound like a great racket if you can get it, but I don't know how much it helps the patient. Communication iso nly 30% verbal so working by phone means she is missing 70% of what is going on that she is trying to help with.

    I do agree that often therapy and help for the parents is more helpful than for the kids. You can teach kids all the skills and tools you want, but you still won't get any results if they won't use them. Sort of like you can give a kid a tiller, shovel, seeds and plants, a patch of land, water, fertilizer, etc... but you won't get flowers or veggies if they won't pick up the tools.

    At one point my mom did therapy by phone because her therapist was an hour away. Even though she had worked with this therapist for eyars it still wasn't very helpful because the doctor just couldn't get enough info on what was going on from what my mom was willing to verbalize. So don't try that phoen stuff.

    I HAVE heard that life coaches can be very helpful for people iwth adhd, but have only heard of them working with adults.
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    can you imagine letting someone into your child's head without even meeting them? soo absurd. like i would trust that???? as far as herbals go i would never ever do it without being with a well trained person which i thought she was........ therapy yup i am in it. pyschdoc yup i'm looking for new one. got all bases covered...... balls are in the air..... haven't dropped one this week....... YET :) week isnt' over though.....
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    Oh shoot this sounded so promising. I never thought of a life coach for us or difficult child. I wonder if you could find someone who does meet in person? I really like the idea because sometimes counseling is not the answer as our kids very often won't pick up the tools.
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    most do meet in person...... i've never heard of a phone thing before EVER lol. i too was hoping.... yet oh well :) you should google it for your area..... ya never know. good luck!! we have a cbt guy working with-difficult child now that we pay outright can't add another on especially if i can't actually meet them.....