Trying for IEP AGAIN for difficult child 1

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    difficult child 1's inability to cope with school this year in the face of all his health problems (both physical and emotional) got us a push from his therapist to request another IEP evaluation (the last one was three years ago in middle school -- and I suspect that my wording of my request kept their evaluation back then too narrow in scope, which is why he was denied), specifically requesting a resource/critical skills class so that he doesn't drop the ball again, so to speak, when he goes back to school full time next semester (he's on home/hospital right now).

    I dragged my feet last month in writing the letter to the school, which was not a wise choice I guess, but it is what it is. I had doubts. The school got my letter before winter break and I met with the school psychiatric last week, who informed me that as long as he is on home/hospital instruction she cannot bring him in for the testing. The next day, I got clarification from the principal of the alternative HS that coordinates his current lessons, and learned that he CAN come on campus for testing with a doctor's authorization.

    Soooo, today I spoke with the pediatrician and explained the situation and tomorrow he's writing the letter for me. I'm hoping to drop it off at the school in the afternoon so we can get the ball rolling with this process.

    The school psychiatric is going to look hard at difficult child 1's emotional status, especially since I revealed that the current therapist diagnosis'd him with depression. It sounds like she thinks she could qualify him based on an ED designation if not an OHI category. I don't think it really matters which, as long as he gets the help. Best case, he would get the class mid-way through the semester, which is better than nothing, in my opinion.

    As of right now, our plan is to enroll him in the alternative HS for second semester. He will take 4 classes there and one or two at his regular school, one of which will be the lacrosse team. He's probably not going to see much playing time this season, and I told the alt. HS principal that was just fine, because for him, just being around his friends on the team, participating in practice, and suiting up will be good for him (although he's telling me he doesn't see the point in it).

    Then in the fall, we'll re-enroll him full time at his home campus and cross our fingers that his junior year sees a lot fewer kinks along the way!

    Is it wrong of me to hope that he's having a really bad day when he goes in for the testing? :winks:
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    NO, it is NOT wrong to hope he has a bad day as he goes for testing!!! You want help for him and if he is acting "normal" (honeymooning applies here, in my opinion, as it is new people evaluating him in a different than usual setting) then he won't get what he needs. This is something he really NEEDS to succeed in school to the best of his ability.

    I am glad things are getting under way. I bet a lot of parents with kids on home/hospitalization don't get tested at an appropriate time because principals tell them they can't come to be tested. Good job double checking this fact and finding a way to make it happen! (NOT saying your principal is trying to not help, he likely doesn't know the full rules.)

    If you can get letters from any other docs/tdocs about problems he is experiencing (other than the current medical procedure and those details), this may help. Look on the sp ed forum to make the evaluation as broad as can be.

    Good Luck!! You are doing an amazing job of coping with all of this. I don't know how you have kept from totally losing it recently. (((((hugs)))))
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    LOL, thanks Susie :) I've lost my hair and my waistline throughout much of this... and have been on the verge of losing my mind -- but all is not lost! The sun comes up again each day and I have another chance to try to make it right. You know how it is as much as anyone here -- we slowly grow our rhino skin and earn our warrior armor and that's how we endure raising these kids.