trying "school" again this week

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by 92025, Oct 5, 2012.

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    we had the big meltdown last friday when difficult child was supposed to do homework from 8-10 in my office so I could take him to "ind study group" from 10-1; the only "school" he can attend other than Juv Court School which no one was happy with. They were closed Tues (only meet T/Fr) so he has not been for a week and has done little homework since. Told him last night to gather up 2 hours of work to bring and he says he has it but if this arrangement is going to stress me out then it will need to end. The good thing is that he can do credit recovery through this program since he lost all his credits when he got expelled.
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    OK didn't go too badly, he got out of bad after only waking him up 3 times, was irritated at being told to leave the IPOD and ski cap in the car when we went to my work, worked 5 min at empty desk in office then came into my office and said he needed compass. told him he should have told me before so i could get him one. then he said "what do i do". told him to work in English instead (@@ duh, why can't he take ANY initiative?) then he went to the school at 10 where he apparently scored at college level english and math on standardized tests they were taking that day. then he was irritated that he could not go on the sno-cone date he inadvertently scheduled during his anger mgmt class. but no real blow ups so this was not too bad of a day :)
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    I'm in a grumpy retrospective mood tonight. Personally I have never had an incapable teen. How blankin' frustrating to have a kid who can score in the top percentiles BUT just can't or won't get his act together. Vent over. Hang in there.
    It could go either way and I am rooting that the PIA kid gets on track. :) Hugs DDD