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    Guys, this is going to take awhile. I have to edit each sentence in separately. It won't let me post any other way. I'll say "End", when I'm done.

    Everytime I try to post on your thread, it says I don't have permission. strange. So I'm writing here.

    Teacher, I'm so glad that you're trying to learn and understand. Welcome.

    The child you're talking about sounds like my son, but alittle older. My son is 7.5 yrs. old and currently not in school (they won't let him). Long story, but you could read my recent threads in General to know why. Anyway.....

    My son spent 3 months in the hospital and his diagnosis was changed to: Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified, Cognitive Disorder-not otherwise specified, Mood Disorder-not otherwise specified, ADHD, and Severe Sensory Integration Function. My son also rages when he doesn't want to do something, and when he's redirected or reprimanded. Now here's the LOOKS like he's doing this out of malice, when in FACT he's reacting to his enability to understand the environment and whats going on. The doctors say that my son walks around most of the time not understanding the world around him. It fools people, because my son has a superior vocabulary. But inreality he's extremely disabled, and has an Adaptive Functioning score of a toddler. So he flew under the radar for a long time. I read your posts, and I serious wondering if he has the same disabilities as my son. My son goes off when he FINALLY realizes that instead of doing what you ask, he actually misunderstood you and did something else....then BOOM rage. My son tries soo hard to do what you ask, but for some reason his brain doesn't understand what you just said. He LOOKS like he's totally clued in, but in reality he isn't and he will even answer you, "yes I understand", but he doesn't. And HE doesn't know that he doesn't understand. See the point. He tries to comply, or he tries to do the work but he has found that he is wrong 99% of the why try. It is actually PAINFUL for him to fail because he feels stupid, inferior, etc.........THIS is another factor for the terrible rages. He is spending a HUGE amount of energy just trying to figure out what is going on. When he's wrong he doesn't have the energy to handle it well. Hope this helps. <<<END>>> Roger.wilco.out..
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    Thank you for this information I just found this post lol!! What type of testing helped uncover this about your little one. I would love to approach my school psychologist about it. I am will to do anything to make his life and my life easier. Thanks again...typical teen
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    It is so nice to see a teacher wanting to help. I have ran into so many teachers who just want him out of the class because they don't want to deal with him. Even as early as first grade his teachers spent over 30 minutes on our first conference telling us how awful he was even though he had straight A's. It was that very first conference that the elementary school counselor sat in (asked to by teachers.) After the conference she asked us permission to do some testing. They did it all and we found out many things. We did have some wonderful teachers, but it was only after the original teacher didn't want to deal with him and we had to transfer him out. He had been transfered out of every grade to a new class. That couselor 6 years ago has become a very close family friend. Closer to my son. even though he is in middle school, when he is upset he calls her at home. he ran away once a year ago. He ran to her. She is definately his guardian angel. He can trust her. He will tell her anything. the only person. Middle school called her a few weeks ago and she came to speak to him on her lunch time. She was the only one able to calm him down. He trusts her because he knows she cares. She will not tell us (parents) unless it is dangerous. She can get through to him because she cares enough to try. And he has his many meltdowns with her. Me too!! You are a wonderful teacher
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    counselor 6 years ago has become a very close family friend. Closer to my son. even though he is in middle school, when he is upset he calls her at home. he ran away once a year ago. He ran to her. She is definately his guardian angel.

    A silver lining, indeed! :biggrin: