Trying to get MDE or neuropsychologist evaluation

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jules71, Aug 20, 2007.

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    I am trying to get an MDE or neuropsychologist evaluation and need help. I first faxed a letter last Thurs evening to his pediatrician asking for a referral to a neuropsychologist or to have an MDE. (I don't know why but it is hard for me to call and I am having total anxiety about this - I feel like I am about to lose it!) Needless to say, I did not get a call back. I called today asking to make an appointment with his pediatrician. and when they asked for what reason, I said social/behavioral issues and that we are trying to get a referral for an MDE or neuropsychologist evaluation. She asked me about my insurance and then told me I didn't need a referral and then gave me the phone # to the place the doctor uses. Here is a breakdown of their services. Is this the right kind of place? The center includes licensed psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, and a psychiatric nurse practitioner with prescriptive authority.

    The following services are available through their center:
    - Child, Adolescent, and Adult Counseling
    - Marriage and Family Counseling
    - Medication Evaluations
    - Intellectual and Psychological Testing
    - Play Therapy
    - EMDR
    - Alcohol and Substance Abuse Evaluation
    - Employee Assistance Program Services
    - Organizational Consultation

    This seems to me that is would be just counseling, which we do not want. I don't know what to do. I am so stressed out and I feel like I am having major anxiety and panic over all this. Now I need an appointment. for myself! : (
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    I think you need a neuropsychologist or Child Development clinic. At least that's where we went and my son had two MDE's and one neuropsychologist (I thought the neuropsychologist did a much better, more intensive job of figuring out what was wrong than the various people at the MDE.)
    You may want to call that center and ask if they have a neuropsychologist.
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    Do you have a children's or university teaching hospital within driving distance of where you live?
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    I live across the Puget Sound from Seattle. So I would imagine there might be something in Seattle - at the University of WA. I just don't know for sure. This is so stressful. I think because we have waited for so long for him to 'grow out of this' that now that I know we need to do something, I want it done NOW.
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    THANK YOU!! Now I am checking my insurance to see if I need a referral. Are they going to ask me a million questions on the phone (about his issues) when I call to try to make an appointment?
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    Ok so my son's pediatrician-dr finally referred us for him to have a neuropsychologist evaluation and I got a call from a nurse there who had some questions. She told us we should request an evaluation thru the SD because they can test him much quicker and then if we still have issues to have his doctor re-refer us for the neuropsychologist evaluation. They said they really don't do initial testing. Does that sound right? I don't know why they couldn't put him on the waiting list now, assuming we will have issues with the SD testing. Is the SD testing enough?
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    We have had the neuro-psychs done through the school board. Where
    we live, however, it is not a very fast process getting to the point where they schedule the testing. I would assume that your
    sons teachers etc. would be asked for input before the person in
    charge of such scheduling could progress to recommending the need
    for the evaluation. What time frame did they give you for the
    private evaluation if you went that route?

    It has been many years ago when my difficult child first became obviously
    unable to function in the classroom the 60's.
    I still remember the "almost" panic that I felt. I wasn't sure
    I could last much longer with the strain. I share that so that you know that it is not unusual. If you are feeling anxiety to
    the point it is preventing you from functioning well, then I suggest that you call your MD and see if you could temporarily
    try some anti-anxiety medication until things settle down a bit.

    Sending supportive hugs. DDD
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    difficult child 1 has a neuro-psy appointment tommorrow. What I did was call the insurance where they opened up the mental health part of the insurance and gave me a list of names of neuro-psy's who take their insurance. I think they asked if he was seeing a therapist.
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    I've never heard of such a thing as a neuropsychologist who would only do followups to SD evaluations and not do initial evaluations. If you are in managed care this is probably a cost issue--basically a cop out to get out of paying for some of the costs. I recently attended SD meetings with a friend who was initiating the process and the staff there recommended they follow through with the neuropsychologist first because she could do a far more detailed evaluation than the school could. I just saw the neuropsychologist results and I agree.

    Personally I like the route of going with a private evaluation with the SD as supplemental.
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    No, it doesn't sound right to me, except that getting an appointment can take a good while.

    I agree with SRL.

    I'd find another doctor.