Trying to give an autistic kid a haircut

Discussion in 'Parenting News' started by TerryJ2, Mar 26, 2015.

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    Yup. been there done that. As in... we cut it at home. At first, it was a few snips per night while he slept, to keep it out of eyes and away from ears. Now? He cuts it himself (clipper-cut, real short).
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    I wear my hair very short because I can just wash it in the sink, drag a comb through it (which hurts) and go for the day.

    I routinely put off going to the salon to get it cut until the discomfort from hair on my neck and in my face is worse than the discomfort of having it cut.

    Added to the discomfort of having someone else yanking on my hair, the noise of the scissors, or the scrrrrreeeeetch/pull of the razor, is the severe arthritis in my neck, that makes getting my hair washed at the salon very painful.

    Plus, hair salons STINK! They reek from all the "product" used, the perms and dyes and bleaches.

    My stylist and I have worked out a cut where other than on the top, a clippers with a guard is used. Gets it over with fairly quickly, and because my hair is curly, it's actually somewhat stylish, or at least neat, until it starts to grow out.

    But yes, even at 54 and on the spectrum, haircuts hurt me. I've just learned to get through them as a necessary evil.
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    Thank you for the link!