Trying to keep his feet out of the fire...........

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by AtThe Brink, Nov 9, 2007.

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    difficult child(14)is now using the police and the county mental health complex as his means to "keep his feet out of the fire"(not come home). Yesterday, he ran around with his friend, skateboarded, WHATever else and then when he had no place to go aside from home he decided to go to the PD, which is where he was when I called them to report him missing. He knows that they have to take him there is he talks about hurting himself so this is his game now. :rolleyes: :grrr:
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    Sorry difficult child is playing a game rather than taking responsibility. It's not an easy thing to watch.

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    Ask the local PD if they have any officers who work with teens --- mentoring...

    Some PD's have a specific officer who works with kids on all kinds of problems, and helps parents get a better handle on them. If he's going to show up at the PD, may as well have a "friend" there who they can send him to every time, someone who will get to know him, drive him home if necessary & perhaps be able to talk him out of bad behaviors...

    God bless!
  4. Star*

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    Well I guess I have a different view on it - because maybe I'm older, more tired, and have less time to waste on a child that wants to waste MY time.

    The next time he pulls his little game of going to the police station - and tells you he wants to HURT himself - ASK THEM to call an ambulance and haul his butt to the ER for a psychiatric exam.

    What this does:

    It tells difficult child that you are serious about him getting well.
    If he's serious about threatening to harm himself he should be in a place where they can keep an eye on him.
    I would make that little game of his a reality check and have them call an ambulance, and do a full physical work up on him.

    KKKKKKKKRAP that he's doing what he wants, disobeying you and then running to the cop shop for them to bail him out. You need to seriously have a talk with the Captain of that department when difficult child doesn't know about it - and then formulate a plan with him like

    If difficult child doesn't come home when he is supposed to, and he goes to the police because he KNOWS you won't BLOW UP at him there - then the next time he calls or they call you have it worked out so that he can go into a little jail cell if they will allow (some counties won't) and call his bluff.

    You need to learn how to cut across his playing field. He's smart - you're going to have to be smarter and stop playing his game.

    I KNOW- because I raised his TWIN. Also very smart hence the reason I am MORE tired. (Honest)

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    I agree with Star. If he goes to the PD with the claim he wants to hurt himself, have him transported to the ER, and insist that he have a full workup, 72 hour hold or whatever they have for possible suicide watches. Shows difficult child that this is a serious matter that you're going to take seriously, and not a game you're going to play like hide and seek.

    It's so hard to stay one step ahead of these difficult children sometimes. {{{{HUGS}}}}