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    difficult child found a pair of low-rise, Converse shoes on the Hot Topic website. We ordered them for her. Size 8. We get them. They are a size 8 in Mens which is equivalent to a 10 in Womens. Hot Topic's return policy for online orders is that they pay for return shipping and free shipping on the exchange. The woman on the phone explained that Converse comes only in Men's sizes and that it explains that on the website.

    I went back and looked and it said, "Available in mens sizes.", which reads, to me, that this is a shoe that is available in both men and women's sizes. Since you browse items on Hot Topic by either choosing men or women's to begin with I just ASSUMED that I was seeing women's sizes. But, no biggee. She took the order for the exchange, emailed the RMA tag and once they received the product back they would send the replacement.

    difficult child found another pair she wanted on Macy's website. These were definitely a feminine Converse shoe. My mom was ordering these while difficult child was there on my birthday, the 3rd. I told her to order a size 6 (the smallest size they offered) because that would be equivalent to a Women's 8. She called me and asked me about it. I was feeling terrible and told her that there should be a number on the website to call for assistance with placing an order, otherwise if she wanted me to do it, it would have to wait.

    She placed the order for a size 6.

    They came today. Macy's apparently made the conversion and sent a size Men's 4. :919Mad:

    Macy's items come with an RMA tag, but then they charge your credit card $6.95 for return shipping, plus you have to pay shipping again on the exchange item. That's shipping 3 times. I don't think so.

    So, I called Macy's today and told them what happened, told them that I knew that Converse came in men's sizes and that's how we ordered, told them there was no explanation on their website about it and that I really didn't want to pay for shipping when we ordered the correct size. The guy was very nice and took care of it. They are sending (hopefully) the correct size and paying for return shipping. I have doubts as to what we will end up with. I think he put notes on the order for the shipping dept, though.

    In the meantime, Hot Topic received our return and we get an email indicating same, but they regret to inform us that they are sold out of the product. :me_running_away_screaming: They will credit our card.

    So. In the last 3 weeks, we've ordered and been charged for 2 pairs of shoes, have received 2 pairs of shoes, but have no shoes to show for it.

    After the Hot Topic email, I found the stupid shoes on Converse's website. When you go to select your size, it has a notation to pick your shoe size and it will make the conversion. We ordered the Hot Topic pair from there. $2.00 more for the shoes, but at least we'll get the right size.

    The moral of the story, ladies, is that teenagers will do ANYTHING to make our lives more complicated! :rofl:

    Kidding! Kidding! She didn't do this on purpose. She just wants her shoes, darn it!

    I wonder if I can interest her in a pair of Nike's?
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    Some days you just gotta sit down and shake your head, roll your eyes, say "Oh brother!" and wave your white flag!

    :rolleyes: :slap: :capitulate:

    I just know the teenagers have the internet held captive it is one of their weapons to further complicate our lives. When they run out of things to bug us, it is their secret weapon, "Hey mom, can you order me ......" "You get the best deal on the internet." "It is only on the computer." Let the frustrations begin!

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    Actually, we did look for both pairs of shoes in their respective stores before ordering (I don't like ordering shoes online - they usually need to be tried on), but our local stores didn't carry them.

    I think I'm going to send an email to Converse, though. Even though Hot Topic is crediting our card, I don't think they're going to credit the original shipping cost. And we are paying shipping again - for the same item - only to Converse this time. Maybe if I send them an email, they'll send us a gift card or give us a credit on their shipping or something.

    Worth a shot.
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    Converse must be the "in" thing as I justed purchased 4 pairs of them for my easy child. She kept finding different styles she liked at the store and I kept saying "sure". I have a problem with the word NO (really I do)

    Glad you were able to get her a pair, hope they credit your card for the full amount and return shipping.
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    I have three pairs myself...coral, periwinkle, and pale yellow with flowers and ladybugs on them. Miss KT says they're "girly", meaning they aren't black, ripped, or smelly!