Turning 3 pretty soon, still on a rocky ride!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Ktllc, Aug 9, 2013.

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    Wow, I have not been on the board for a long time! Things have not changed all that much in our lives.
    Sweet Pea will soon go to Special Education. preschool, meeting with the director next week. Oh joy!
    Her speech has greatly improved but the tantrums are still there. She has only done it a few times, but her new thing is to urinate when she is upset (read: can't do what she wants when she wants it). :imok:I will survive her! If she is anything like V, the toughest part is yet to come... The pee thing really bothers me though... never had to deal with some like this. And she has been potty trained day and night for about 5 or 6 months. Never has any accidents either. When she is done with her fit, she will even say "pee there?" pointing at the toilet. So she knows what she did is wrong.
    The autism specialists who diagnosis V will start working with her pretty soon. After working with her for a few sessions, they will test her for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). They want to get to know her a bit more and see if they can help lower the intensity and frequency of the tantrums. They sais that testing now would not give a true picture because if she gets triggered early during testing than she would score horribly low and if nothing triggers her than she would score very high. Either way, it would not give an accurate picture. They did see her switching from perfect little angel to full blown tantrum in just a second, no apparent trigger...
    I wonder if she is too young to receive a complete evaluation... like a neuro-psychiatric evaluation...
    I know people on this forum tend to have more experience in older kiddos, but any insight or "been there done that" for very young kids would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Ktllc. I was thinking about you today :)
    How is this issue now with Sweet Pea?
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    I don't know how I missed seeing this post a few weeks back...!

    As far as being "too early"?
    Around here... they WANT to catch them between 18 and 36 months... WITH a formal diagnosis.
    Not all kids fit that, and they do evaluate and diagnosis later, but yes, at 3 years, she CAN be evaluated.
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    It is hard to get an Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) diagnosis. that young, but it can be done. Of course, at her young age, diagnosis. often change, however there is a hereditary factor there as well. Maybe she is urinating because, even though she can now speak, it is so hard for ASDers to really tell you how they feel. And her age...well, few three year olds can do that anyway.

    I am a big believer that in ASDers, if in fact she is one, he tantrums improve. That has been my experience watching a group of young ASDers that my son grew up with....grow up! The tantrums tend to get better with interventions in many Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids. My son used to have HUGE tantrums, and they really started petering out the more he could express himself. Give your little sweetie some time. You already know the ropes and we are here to remind you that it can and will get better :)