Turrets acting up... why???

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by SmallTownMom, Oct 5, 2012.

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    It has been a long time since I have posted, lots has changed in our lives.

    My difficult child has been doing really good, we have gotten his ADHD, ODD and usually is anxiety under control. For a while he also was showing no turret symptoms. There has been a few medication changes for the better, and everything was going so smoothly.

    A few weeks ago his turrets starting showing up again, he had some severe eye rolling that he couldn't control. Now he is making these gasping/grunting noises almost on a constant basis. With no medication changes and no stress it seems, I can't figure out why this change!

    Last night he was left at home with his older brother while we went out to our bible study. We called my difficult child to remind him to take his medications at 7:30, but other than that we got no phone calls! No issues. We came home to see that he remembered to put away the dishes, to have a shower and he was in bed sleeping on time! I am so impressed with his behavior and how far we has come. He is loving school and his teacher this year.

    Usually his turrets acts us with stress and anxiety, but he seems to be on top of the world and a happy well rounded boy.

    I am recently engaged, but both my boys are over the moon happy with everything, they will soon have 2 new step siblings that they get along with. They at times have arguments but I am very aware and cautious that I am treating all 4 kids the same and they all have to follow the same rules. Could this change regardless how happy he is cause the Turrets to act up??
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    Absolutely. First of all, any changes, even good ones, come with excitement and some anxiety. Could he have extra "calming" medications while you all become a family and see if that helps him? I'm glad he is doing so well in general!