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    difficult child's school is offering FCAT tutoring. He went Tuesday and was suppose to go back this afternoon. He told me this morning he didn't want to go. He is in self contained classes but of course not for the tutoring and he says he doesn't know anyone.

    He is doing much better with his behavior since he has gone back to school the first of the year. I am going to try and find something he can do from home on line to help him. It's his reading scores. He is in intensive reading this year because of his scores on the FCAT last year. I hate those test. To me the only way for them to be fair would be to give it at the beginning of the school year, in the middle and at the end and average the grade. They give this test once in February and that's it. If your having a bad day oh well. The test is pretty much a pass or fail deal. If you fail it then you can fail that grade.

    He begged me this morning not to make him go. He said he will be out of this class next year. In order for him to get out of this class he has to continue to behave and of course pull good grades. For him to make that statement is huge but saying it and doing it are 2 different things, as we all know.

    So today I will be searching on line for reading help. He better not give me any flack about working on whatever I find. I hope I can find something.

    If anyone has suggestions or ideas I would appreciate it.

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    I'll can share some experience with-you regarding reading.

    Tutoring can certainly help some kids, but until you know what is causing the reading problem it's difficult to know what treatment is needed. Reading requires a seamless meshing of many individual skills. A hang-up in any area can cause a problem.

    Dyslexia mean trouble with-reading. Some kids struggle with-a traditional type of dyslexia. My son's reading problems are language-based, e.g., he excels at "reading" just when he's done his comprehension is poor. It doesn't do much good to be able to read if you don't understand what you've read. He required intensive language therapy for receptive Learning Disability (LD), expressive Learning Disability (LD), auditory processing disorder, inferencing, vocabulary, etc.

    https://web.archive.org/web/20090201144818/http://sbm121693.homestead.com/reading.html can explain how some of this stuff works together. Also, there are several reading threads in the Special Education ARCHIVES.

    with-an ADHDer, attention can be an aggravating factor. https://web.archive.org/web/2006123...ng.org/pdfs/2200_7-barktran.pdf?date=11-14-00 is long, but well worth the read.

    So, long story short, reading tutoring may be what your child needs but without knowing what the base problem is it's a pure guess.
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    He decided he doesn't want to do it on line, he is going to try and go again next week. One more chance if he balks again it will take place here at home period.

    His problem is that he doesn't like to read and of course when he does read he doesn't really pay attention to what he is reading so therefore it's a little hard to answer the questions!

    He brought home his report card for the 2nd 9 weeks - not good. But since he has been back from Christmas break he has straight A's and his point sheet each day has been dang near close to perfect. So maybe he really doesn't want to be home schooled - he really doesn't like me does he?? :rofl:
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