TV Addicted CAT?


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I think Capn Morgan is addicted to the tv. He will watch it for hours and if it is off he has fits. Tonight proved it. husband often falls asleep with the tv on. Tonight Morgan has been having fits and nothing has stopped them for more than 30 min.

He even woke up the neighbors upstairs - but not hubby or Tylerious. They sleep like the dead, lol.

Finally it occurred to me that the tv was off. Once it came on, no more loud cat. Even the dreaded snuggle didn't quiet Morgan and that has not failed before!

I knew we were in trouble with this cat when he learned to change the channel with the remote a few years back. Now? He has favorite shows - old episodes of Batman (with Adam West, I think), Red Green and any cooking show without Giada whatshername. Yes, he will change channels if he hears her voice. But he watches Batman, rather than just listening.

Some days this cat is more trouble than a toddler.


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My Lhasa Apso would turn on the TV during the day if he got bored. It was a bit unnerving to come home from work and find the TV on when you knew you turned it off, but once we figured out it was Fred, we just left it on for him with the remote in reach.


Roll With It
KTMom, Fred is better than the cat we used to have who erased all of our answering machine messages. If the button was pressed then it played the outgoing message along with the incoming. O'Malley would get lonely and then press the button to hear our voices. We tried mounting the machine up high on a wall. O'Malley would leap up until he could press it - it was pretty funny to watch, lol. My mom didn't believe me until she came to visit and saw him leap until he got the button pressed.

O'Malley was the cat who would sleep on top of my big pregnant belly and he LOVED it when thank you would kick. He also had 4 other families trained to feed him. He would make the rounds during the day and just pig out.


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I had a TV fan when husband and I first moved in together. We were dirt poor to the point that husband was into dumpster diving because we NEEDED to. He found a tiny 3 week old kitten with her dead siblings in a dumpster and bought her home.

We hand raised her and she grew up to be a tiny thing who only weigh 4.5 lbs at maturity.

She loved to watch NASCAR, which we HATED, and also loved horseracing, both flat and harness. She'd sit in front of the TV and chase the cars or horses around the back as they disappeared off screen. This eventually turned into her running in circles around the TV set when we turned on her favorite sports.

When we went out we would tune in auto racing or horse racing to give her something to do.

She was sweet to husband and I, but referred as "Ol' 29 cents a lb and I'll grind it myself..." by most of our friends.

Sadly, she died at 5 years of age when the Army shipped us to Germany. That was when we discovered that American vaccines sometimes didn't protect against foreign strains of diseases.