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    I've mentioned in a few threads that we had the TV people visiting us today to do an interview with us. I've done interviews before on other topics, some TV and most recently a local newspaper article. But this was perhaps the longest time I've spent with a camera crew, it will be interesting to see the story.

    The reason for this - the research project that difficult child 3 has been involved in as one of the subjects. They've used us already for newspaper coverage - much of the newspaper intervew stuff was not of us, but of the researchers. They used difficult child 3 in the photos (which most of the newspaper articles didn't use anyway) and a line or two from me and that was it.

    But this - much bigger. I suspect it's going to be about a 15-20 minute story, difficult child 3 & I will be maybe half the story. And they were at our place filming, for five hours! Plus the lunch break...

    The main contact was for the research on using oxytocin to boost learning (especially of social skills) in autism. It's early days, we don't know yet if it works (although early results look promising). However, while they were talking to me at various times over the phone in the last few weeks, I gave them other info on the problems we have encountered with lack of access to services and support. That's when they said, "We want to expand on this story, we want to highlight the problems and try to push for more funding."

    There were about three or four LONG phone interviews (some of them went for over an hour, they always seemed to be when I was out and on the mobile phone! although there was one at home) and these were to gather the background info so they could work out how to skew the interview.

    Today was the shoot. I warned them the house is a mess; they stepped inside, took one look and said, "It's a bit cramped. Let's shoot this outside." Even if the house was tidy, we still would have shot it outside because the camera, the sound equipment and the people would have made it very difficult. They did shoot some inside, but the main interview with me was done outside. We kept having to stop for planes flying overhead and cars driving past. The Avon lady called round, I had to tell her I'd call her later. Then they filmed inside with difficult child 3 on the computer, showing the reporter photos of his bloodied head (when he copped a log thrown at his head a couple of years ago) as well as photos of his budgies and his wildflower pics.

    One lovely line I heard from difficult child 3 - the reporter asked him what he thought it must be like for parents trying to raise an autistic child and difficult child 3 said, "It's not easy. I think it must be like trying to cuddle a cactus."

    The reporter had to leave after 4 hours, he had to get back to the studio. The rest of the crew (including the unit manager) went to the local cafe for lunch (I did offer to feed them, they chose to head out, can't blame them). I fed difficult child 3 & myself, then the mob were back to do more filming. RThey wanted footage of us donig family things together. Playing Wii Sports, for example, and walking along the beach together while difficult child 3 took photos. This all took another two hours.

    I gave them printouts of letters I've written, notes I've taken, all sorts of stuff which outlines the activism I've had to enter into, to get help. They've taken our archived videotapes, they said they will transfer it all onto digital for us but want footage of difficult child 3 as a baby doing some of the amazing things he was doing. I just hope they've got useful stuff. I can't remember what's on those tapes. Fingers crossed!

    They didn't ask about how I cope or anything like that (I think my earlier refusal to go there was respected). I did get to mention "Explosive Child" but only once, it could get cut. I meant to advise people to search online for support forums but there simply was so much to get across and I had to be led by the reporter's questions.

    We have one more piece to do, on Friday. We're going in to the research facility for them to film a session with the researchers, and difficult child 3 taking the oxytocin spray. Friday will be busy for us, a bit awkward, but it needs to be done. husband & I have a wedding to get to in the afternoon, we're planning on sending difficult child 3 home by public transport after the finish of the interview.

    So I'll keep you all posted on when this goes to air.

    Here is a link to the TV program.


    I talked to them (off the record) about how I can share this with you guys. They said it will be available on the TV station's website, they're also going to give us a copy of the episode.
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    Wow! That is very impressive- especially for your difficult child! Any chance you can get them to "expand" this all the way over to the US??
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    Not sure what you mean by "expand". A big part of the angle of this could be a demand for better services here in Oz, so that may not have US relevance. But the research - that certianly should get coverage.

    I'll post the link when the story is run, so you can watch it if you are interested.

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    Oh- I meant that we can always use more media coverage here on MI issues and advocating for easier access to better services. I was joking half-way though- I thought it might be a stretch. But it's great that you have an opportunity there to get the word out more.
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    please send us the link so we can watch it once it airs!

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    Way cool! I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to see this when it airs :)