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    I might be buying a tv for another person in the house (for Christmas) so I can get the one back that I like to use in my "office". I know the signals change early next year, so what do I need to look for when shopping for a small portable tv? We have cable but will probably want to take this one with us to places where we would need to use an antenna. If the ones for sell can detect the new digital signals, will the advertisement say that? Or is the advertisement supposed to state that the tv will not pick up the new signals?
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    Thank you, Witz! That answered my questions!
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    husband recently brought home a software package for our new computer, so we're now hooked into digital TV on the computer screen. It meant I could post here AND keep up with the Olympics coverage. It's the only TV in the house with digital coverage, so sometimes we cram in here to watch shows that are unavailable anywhere else. If something interesting comes on, we can expand the TV to fill the screen. Or if we're trying to watch another channel (maybe to see when a TV show is about to start) we can watch TV within TV. We can also record onto the computer if we want. We're still learning what it can do.

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    Thank you Witz and klkmn. I'd been meaning to do this ... just went online and applied for the coupons. :)