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    Welcome Twinners!!! I am glad to see that you filled out a signature. You will find that with-o the signature on the bottom of posts we tend to ask the same questions over and over (largely because all the dealings with our difficult children leave us with mushy brains!).

    I really and truly appreciate the apology to WSM. I know it is not easy to apologize and here on this board sometimes we can get defensive. Many many times we have each endured various kinds of judgment of our kids, family, parenting, ourselves as people, and so much more. It is REALLY easy to fall into the trap that got you.

    So many many people just have no idea how bad things can get within a family before we can get our kids the help they need. Often times our kids cannot be helped while they live with the family. In my own situation my difficult child (Wiz for his obsessions with role playing games and magic) was very violent. Directed at his little sister or me almost exclusively. I had to do something I had always thought I would NEVER have to do.

    I had my son taken out of our home by the Sheriff because no one will beat me or my daughter. No one.

    I got blessed. My parents took Wiz into their home. Somehow they managed to get through to him and help him turn things around. It may be tootin' my own horn, but Wiz is one of the biggest success stories I have ever heard of for our kids!! MOST of his success came from info and support that I got on this board.

    Anyway, that gives you a little perspective on how one family had to do the unthinkable and how it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened.

    Thanks for the apology! I would love to hear all about your family!
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    Hi Twinners,

    Welcome. I am also impressed that you took the time to read about WSM's situation and apologized. Please let us know more about you and your family if there is anything you need!
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    Seconding the welcome and the appreciation. While it wasn't quite the same situation that you found yourself in, I remember a particular post a while back. Someone had posted about their child being in a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or some type of facility and a "newbie", who I believe hasn't posted since, replied. He (???) said that he had recently gotten a degree in social work, worked in either an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or a juvenile facility for girls, thought they were the sweetest things and were just the result of bad parents. Yep....he didn't get very positive replies on that. While we weren't RUDE, I'm sure we weren't the politest people either. In that case though, there wasn't any back story to read. The person simply had a belief that wasn't realistic and we told him so.

    Just like any group of people, we have our disagreements here but they don't happen every day. And also just like anywhere else, it's always nice when someone is in a situation where they see they were wrong or should have worded something differently, etc. and admits it. Even in an "annonymous" place such as this board, that can be a hard thing to do but that just makes it all the more appreciated. So thanks from me too!

    Now that we have that out of the way....come on out and tell us a bit about yourself and your family.

    And again, Welcome!
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    just saying "hi" in this thread, as well.