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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Jan 13, 2009.

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    difficult child had his annual physical with his medication doctor and his monthly therapist appts today. We received some information that I thought may help anyone in a similar situation.

    medication doctor reviewed the medication record and then asked what the ODD diagnosis was all about (ummm, wouldn't you have made that diagnosis?). I told him I did not know where that came from but it would have fit behaviors last Winter/Spring. He said that he does not see difficult child having ODD. Yep, I most definitely agree. The doctor told me that kids with ODD are usually diagnosed at ages 2 - 3 years old, not 11 years old. He also stated that kids with depression or anxiety usually do not have ODD but have ODD characteristics. O.K., but at this point I really don't care if it was called ODD or ODD characteristic, it was still a nightmare to deal with. I am relieved that he is not displaying those characteristics anymore.

    Then, medication doctor talked to difficult child about the future. He explained that when a kid has an anxiety issue at this age, there is a chance it can happen again in the future. There is also a chance it will not. difficult child needs to be aware of the chance that it can happen and know to get help when/if it does. He stated while he is at home, mom and dad will help but when he moves away from home, it is up to him to know to ask for help ASAP when things start getting too bad to cope. If he asks for help right away, then chances are it will be helped with either therapy and/or medications.

    What was interesting also was that the doctor stated if the first issue with anxiety/depression happens as an adult, the person is almost certain to repeat the attacks.

    We then had the therapist appointment this afternoon. difficult child was unhappy that I brought up a certain issue about how he handled being upset with some of my decisions. I told him that the reason for therapist was to work these issues out. If we do not work on issues, than we do not need to go to therapist. therapist did a good job to let difficult child know that this issue does not change how he thinks about difficult child. He told difficult child that he is impressed at how far difficult child had come and that he recognizes that success to difficult child's work. That only difficult child could have made this success possible. He told difficult child that we work as a team to help him find ways to overcome certain behaviors.

    I think difficult child is still angry with me, but he is behaving respectfully, not pushing his anger in my face. At least I didn't have to put up with his anger on the hour ride home. I know he is thinking about it.

    I need to get AAA batteries so he can start using the Stress Reliever again. therapist reviewed his coping skills list and suggested that he start using the Stress Reliever again as long as we have one.
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    Sounds like the doctor did a good job explaining things to difficult child. I'm glad difficult child is able to behave respectfully with you even if he is upset-wish my difficult child could do that!
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    What a great doctor. He treated difficult child with respect and I think kids react well to that. Sounds like a productive day.