Two scholarly articles concerning parents of adult children with mental illness


These links are to scholarly articles I found interesting. I had downloaded them to my phone a while back and when I went to get the links online, I found I could no longer access them without an institutional permission something-or-other. So I sent them to google drive from my phone. I hope the links work. I believe they will.

There is very little research on this topic evidently

Grief and Lost Potential in the Parents of Adult Children with Severe Mental Illness

Mother's everyday experiences of having an adult child who suffers from long-term mental illness


For some reason the "Mother's Everyday Experiences" article link takes you to the "Grief and Lost Potential" article. I posted a separate thread with just the "Mother's" article. The link works in that thread.


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karisa, as always, I so feel for you. We mostly focus on adult kids who dont laumch due to drug abuse. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

in your case your son did nothing wrong first other than acquire a serious mental illness that causes psychosis. Ultimately there is so little wonder he turned to drugs. I feel it is harder to detach from a psychotic child, who has no clue he is sick or acting badly, than a lucid adult child who makes bad choices and knows it.

Wishing you a peaceful day. You deserve one. Are you involved with NAMI so that you can have face time support with others like you?

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Thank you for posting, karisma.

I saw that the second article was the same one. I am glad you linked the second piece for us, too. I will read that one now.