Two weeks into my summer vacation and I am bored to tears

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Californiablonde, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. Californiablonde

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    It's just a little over two weeks into my summer vacation and I'm already wishing I was back to work. difficult children aren't helping matters. They are so boring and they want nothing to do with me. In past summers we used to go to the pool and literally spend a half a day there. They used to love to swim and we stayed at the pool for hours. Now they get bored after about fifteen minutes and want to go back in the house. Today I layed out at the pool for an hour and a half by myself because they wanted to go back home and go back on the computer and cell phones. They don't like the beach anymore either. They are too old for the park. They are all consumed with electronics. They want nothing to do with me except to ask me for money so they can walk to the liquor store and buy snacks. Other than that they simply want to be by themselves. I for one am bored to tears. I wake up and clean a little bit then I watch a little daytime TV which is boring in my opinion but I have nothing better to do. I check my Facebook but I get bored with that gets old too. I am currently trying to lose weight so I go for walks sometimes but that only takes up a half hour of my time. I don't know what else to do with myself. Tomorrow I start my first day of community service so at least that will be four hours of doing something. I was supposed to start last week but I was ten minutes late because I didn't know how long it was gonna take for me to get there. The lady in charge promptly sent me back home, telling me that lateness was not allowed. She then made up a time card for me and told me the next time I come I need to be on time and clock in. I asked her where the time clock was and she acts like I asked her the dumbest question on the planet. She was very rude and sarcastic. Rude people give me anxiety attacks. I am getting nervous about going back there tomorrow. Plus it's four hours of standing and I have a very bad back. I can't tolerate standing for more than an hour at a time without my back giving me major problems so I'm hoping I can make it through okay tomorrow. At least I will be doing something productive for a few hours tomorrow. Aside from my community service twice a week I have nothing else to do. I really miss the difficult children in their younger years. They were actually cool kids to hang around. Now they suck! September can't come soon enough for me.
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    Ick, summertime boredom! I don't miss those days! Before you know it, theyll be back at school, your community service will be complete and you'll have your license back.... And you'll wonder where the time went! I would be I overjoyed to have a summer off! By myself, of course, lol.
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    Oh...what is your community service? If you have a bad back and standing for that long is an issue, you should have made sure to get some type of community service that you could physically do. Im sure they would have accommodated you with a doctors note. They have tons of things available. I mean you can pass out things on a stool just as well as on your feet. Or filing for a shelter. Just saying. No way I could stand for hours on end. Not for even an hour. But I guess its past that. Maybe you could wear really good shoes.

    As far as the rest of the time...yeah kids dont want to spend time with mom as much as they get older. You can still have fun wandering around by yourself. Hop a bus and go sightseeing. Go window shopping.
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    Maybe it's time to take up some old-fashioned skills...
    - knitting
    - crochet
    - tatting
    - quilting
    - needlepoint
    - cross-stitch
    - etc.

    All of them take LOADS of time.
    And at least you end up with something to show for it.

    Who knows... maybe the difficult children will get interested in something too?
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    How about reading? You would have time to read all the classics you haven't have time before. Or find a new niche of literature and get to know it well. Or maybe you could study something that would be beneficial in your work or that you are interested about? Internet gives you endless (and free) possibilities to that. How about doing some creative writing or drawing? Knitting is also great way to pass time. And maybe making your walks a little bit longer and getting to know the area you live better? Are there any pretty houses or gardens to look at? Parks, museums, galleries?

    Older kids are not usually very interested in hanging out with mom, mine were even so embarrassed of me at one point that they kept 30 feet distance if we were in public place...
  6. Californiablonde

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    Well I managed community service okay. My back doesn't hurt as much as I thought it would. My feet hurt more than anything. I washed dishes in a soup kitchen for four hours. Luckily I had a very nice older guy that worked with me and the time went by a lot faster talking with him while we worked. Poor guy knows my whole life story now, difficult children, my ex and all. Oh and by the way when I went to court to pick out my community service, the choices were cleaning a church or the soup kitchen. I only spend two hours a week cleaning my apartment and that's all the cleaning I can stand! No way was I gonna clean a church eight hours a week. I'd rather be doing something worthwhile like working hard to feed the homeless. I must say that even though my back hurts and I got soaking wet, I feel accomplished. I actually did something that meant something. I feel guilty staying at home all day doing nothing. My kids don't need me anymore and I have no business sitting around all day. I would never make a good stay at home mom. I like to keep busy. Oh well today wasn't as bad as I thought and the mean lady at the soup kitchen works far away from me so I don't even have to see her except for when I clock in and out. What a relief! I was seriously having anxiety over seeing her again. Oh well now I know what to expect on Thursday when I go back. Time for me to relieve this aching back and take a soak in the nice hot jacuzzi.