Tylenol or motrin????

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Jul 29, 2008.

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    difficult child says he has a major headache. His Y day camp took them to water country today (difficult child's first trip- he had a FABULOUS time) but he is sunburned and I'm sure he exerted a lot of energy. He didn't sleep well last night because he was so excited.

    Anyway- I cannot remember which OTC medication is the "good" one to give and which is the "bad" one to give when they are on mood stabilizers (he is currently on lithobid, depakote er, and a very tiny amount of rispersdol). I have tylenol, motrin, and alleve at home.
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    I choose not to use pain relievers when the kids get a sunburn (doesn't happen very often). I am faithful to Bactine ~ it has lidocaine (sp?) that helps with- the pain control.

    Other options would be vinegar soaks. I've also used oatmeal bath packets.

    I generally get a headache from being in the sun all day, but it's usually associated with- a sunburn. Maybe just cooling off the sunburn would help?

    Hope he's feeling better soon. Yay for having a great field trip!
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    For sunburns, I swear by tea baths. Just toss a few tea bags in the tub, there's something in the tea takes the sting away. I wasn't aware of a good or bad OTC to use...Miss KT usually takes generic motrin when she has a headache, and Midol for cramps. If we're doing something wrong, someone PLEASE let me know!
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    Darn- he just got out of the tub. :( I don't think the OTC's are an issue with all medications- but I really thought I had heard or read somewhere that with mood stabilizers, either don't give tylenol- give ibupofren ; or it was the other way around - and I don't remember which it was.
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    Motrin shouldn't be taken with Lithium. Unfortunately, Tylenol isn't as effective for headaches as Motrin, but it's worth a shot. Hope he feels better soon.
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    Thank you!! I'm going to write it down!!
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    Tylenol will help some. I have NEVER tanned, and had many serious sunburns. I also had to deal with my children (older 2) getting 2nd degree burns from a day with my bro at the lake when they were 4 and 7 - dermatologist made us keep them OUT of ALL sun for 3 years - no swimming, no sports, hoovered mightily.

    Motrin would help because the sunburn will cause swelling, but if it reacts to his medications it is out. And aspirin is out. Might try Orudis (OTC version), but it is also an NSAID - related to motrin so ask the pharmacist.

    Tea, yogurt or buttermilk or dry milk, and the lidocaine sprays have always worked well for me. Be very careful if you use commercial aloe "after tan" type products - often they have alcohol in them. It stings ferociously on sensitive skin.

    You can brew strong tea (regular - like lipton) and add it to bath water, or chill it and make cold compresses with dish towels. Dry milk or buttermilk in the bath water, or put plain yogurt (even flavored in a pinch if he won't stain anything) on as a cream, cover with a towel and then shower off. To make the yogurt much much more effective, put cheesecloth or a linen dish towel in a collander, put the yogurt in and let sit in the fridge overnight (24 hours?) and it will get much thicker. Then it is heavenly when chilled.

    This is all from being the 4th known generation of females who don't tan, only burn, and spent major time in boats, FL or hot state similar most of our lives. I hope he feels better soon.

    Remember, sunburns are BURNS - NO GREASY ANYTHING until the heat it totally out!!! It will make it WORSE!
  8. The headache may be caused from dehydration which you have to be real careful of when on lithium. Make sure he stays hydrated when out in the sun/heat. For me, a headache is the first sign of my bodies need for water.
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    I forgot to mention that I am glad difficult child is enjoying the YMCA camp program. Is it Teen Camp, or reg daycamp?

    Wiz went to the Teen Camp the summer after he came home from psychiatric hospital. It was the 1st year here. It really helped him adjust to what other kids were doing, interested in, being a teen, etc.... Of course, we had an excellent counsellor who was an education major from the university specializing in health and athletic ed or whatever it is called now. So he was really a bonus! Had a LOT of psychiatric knowledge so he really helped difficult child adjust to being back home.

    I hope your program is as fun and helpful as that was for us. The next year bombed because they hired someone who was NOT very good with the teen boys (a female, very girly, no control over 2 very disturbed boys who fed each other) and because the problems we lost this program. I was sad because I had hopes Jessica could go.

    Anyway, just hoping it is as great a program as Wiz had!
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    Thanks, Susie & AFTR! I was aware of needing extra drinks (and sodium) with lithium. difficult child takes 2 water bottles and a gatorade- or 1 ea, water, juice, gatorade, if they're going to be inside more than out.

    This is a YMCA camp- we have several around so I had signed him up for a variety of 2 week sessions this summer. he's never tried this one before, but we wish we'd known what it was like. It's pretty much the same fee, maybe a little more, but the brochure said they got several field trips and it's all for middle-school aged kids. Little did I know that these field trips are almost daily and extend to various places in the state- 100 miles away at times!! It is a good thing that the admission fees to places are covered so the parents don't have to pay extra. (It's a REAL good thing because I would not have allowed difficult child to go after what he did Fri. night.)

    They spent the day at the river today. Friday they are doing community service and next week it is the beach one day, golf or putt-putt one day, river again, and an opportunity to go camping. It's nice to know that this is what he's doing while I'm working! LOL! It's kind of funny- he's still on the ankle bracelet so everyone knows he's beeen in trouble legally. One of his counselors used to work at the detention center that he just got out of. It appears he's staying close to difficult child- and things seem to be working well!

    For the next 2 week session, he'll be going to a day camp that he used to go to in elementary school, but he will be a Leader-in-Training, so he's looking forward to it. I told him he better be careful- there still might be adults there that remember him as a boy who could be very obnoxious and push his limits at times!

    I agree- these are great for kids- especially our difficult child's. Mine has always had stuff like this, since I've always been a single working Mom. His problem (socially speaking) comes when he is socializing in a non-structured situation. He'll get along with the friend fine- he just seems to "overlook" the fact that he still needs to obey the rules, even when there aren't authority figures always in the same room.

    I hope you can find something else for Jess and thank you. Have you checked all the Y's, parks & rec, etc?
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    Calendula gel has very good healing properties and works excellent on sunburned skin. Be sure to get the homeopathic one though.
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    Call the pharmacy and ask if he can have benadryl with the medications. husband had NO idea what Florida sun could do to pukey white skin that hadn't seen sunlight in 10 years.

    We got home, he was whining non-stop, so I covered him in Solarcaine and gave him 3 benadryl tablets. He crashed for about 10 hours and felt no pain when he woke up.

    Of course I felt no pain for the 10 hours he was sleeping!