typical teen, I know, but annoying neverless

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    Duckie is making lying a habit, even over stupid stuff.

    Here's two examples.

    I ran out to get gas last week, I left Duckie at home for about 10 minutes. When I came home, there was a big glop of melting ice cream on the floor. Now, I don't put any serious restrictions on Duckie's eating habits except to say "Don't eat X because I'm using it in a meal" or "Hey! You don't need a snack now because dinner is almost ready." You get the idea... she was not in trouble for eating ice cream. But I did say "It looks like someone has been eating ice cream." because, well, there it was on the floor. She actually starting arguing that it was not her (it wasn't there when I left, husband was at work and the cats and frogs can't manage to open the freezer... yet). Did not matter, it was not her. She even said "Well, where's the dirty bowl?". So I said "There isn't one. My educated guess, because there's a dirty spoon in the sink with ice cream on it, is that you ate the ice cream right from the carton."

    And last night:

    She was upstairs after her friends left around 10PM. I told her to get ready for bed so I could get to bed too (she goes back to school on Monday after being on spring break). She brought down her iPad and kept using her kikk account to message her friends for about 15 more minutes when I said that was enough and off to bed. She argued when I said the iPad stays downstairs, but I kept it with me because I didn't want her staying up late to use it. A small battle won. This was just before 11PM.

    I finish watching my tv show at 11:30PM and I go out to the kitchen to turn out lights and notice her purse is open (this isn't usual for her) so I check and notice that her cell phone isn't there. So I go upstairs, she's faking being asleep but I reach under the covers and quickly grab the lit phone away from her. But she wasn't using it. No, not her.

    So I wake her up at 8AM today (she has to be up at 6AM tomorrow) and I go over the events of last night, including the fact that she changed her iPad password (husband and I must have access to all accounts, it's a condition of her use). And I tell her that she has a few things to do today like pack her book bag and gym bag. But she wants to watch tv first. Uh... no. The other stuff first. But she's sooooo tired. I ask her why she's tired and she has to gall to say "I don't know why I'm so tired when you made me go to sleep at 10PM".

    And husband wonders why we must never be out of wine.
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    That sooooo sounds like conversations in my house but here, it's pushing the blame. It gets very tiring, and yes, it's a typical teen thing (I hope anyway). Sometimes it's hard for me, in our situations, to tell if it's typical teen or that they really do not see the REAL situation.

    Hope yours gets better than mine and in a hurry. I remind my kids of the REALITY frequently so they 1)realize what really did happen and/or 2) remember that I'm not stupid like they seem to think I am. I throw every small detail into it so they know I really do know and aren't just making a lucky guess. Then I issue the consequences unless they can PROVE, and I mean prove, that their version is the truth. We have consequences for lying also.

    Good luck.
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    My house too....over and over and over.....
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    That sounds familiar! I am trying to use less sarcasm and more factual sentences. I have to re-think every thing I say. In regard to the ice cream, I guess you could have said, "I'm glad you enjoyed the ice cream. Clean it up with a sponge and dry it right now before you have any more."
    But no matter what we say, it will backfire somehow ...
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    Well, I've changed my tactic this time out of respect for my daughter. See, she's intelligent but consequences apparently don't work. So I told her this morning that, since she insists on lying that we will now assume she's lying. That we, as her parents, are deeply disappointed in her because she has chosen to be dishonest. And then I told her that if we catch her in another lie this week she won't be going to her friend's really great birthday party next weekend. We'll see if that makes an impact. Probably not, but I figure it's worth a try.
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    Ugh, the lying is SO beyond annoying. We got to the point with our difficult child that we also just assumed she was lying. It's such an awful position to be in, but she left us no choice. It didn't matter what it was - from trying to not get into trouble to the most ridiculous, mundane thing - she lied. All. the. time.
  7. tiredmommy

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    So we had a little talk. I let her know that I found her FB acct. The genius used a fake first name and my maiden name. She also used an animal she is known to love as her profile picture. :hammer:
    I also told her that I knew about the gmail account she had set up and her pinterest board as well. That's when she offered up that she also had a twitter account since I would just find it anyway.
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    Yes....wine....lots of it. Need I remind you of my difficult child creating her own stalker on AOL IM? Dark days my friend......
  9. tiredmommy

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    Dark indeed.