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    around christmas my neighbors house had a second fire. yes, 2nd. in less than a year. The first fire was not as bad as the 2nd. BUT turns out, it was arson. <sigh>
    Earlier this week, there was an article on our tv news, (but not our even more local paper) that an 18 yr old father was arrested for child abuse, a couple hours later, TV reported the abused 2 month old baby died. Todays once a week paper now says that the dad that was arrested for this incident has also been arrested for nonpayment of support, and his brother dureing the same arrest was arrested for battery, criminal property damage and tresspassing.
    Gosh, my own difficult child is surounded by more difficult children everywhere!
    Interesting, nary a word has been said about this 2 month old babys mother.

    I knew I should not read the darned paper. :-(
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    Dreamer, perhaps with all you've and your family have been through recently, you should avoid reading or listening to the news.

    When I'm already overloaded emotionally, I avoid the news altogether for a few days.

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    I wrote a letter to the editor a couple years ago suggesting that the paper make a special edition on Wednesdays every week of JUST HAPPY NEWS - baby births, weddings, scouts doing good deeds - parents writing in about their kids doing nice things - blurbs - whatever but NO ugly horrid news -

    And I got a letter back - that while my idea was interesting- it wasn't the sensationalism they needed to pay for the paper/ink/time to create such a thing.

    So it just goes to show you tragedy sells - it's no more basic than that. And the sad part is - the more people see it, hear it , read about it - the more we become desensitized to it. The more we become desensitized to it - the more it's accepted in our society.

    I would LOVE to see the news stop - for a month - and see if crime stats went down. I think it's become a huge nation of monkey see - monkey do - like with the shootings at schools - and other horrible crimes.

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    Gosh, if I could buy a newspaper that was ONLY good news? WOw! I would pay 3 times as much for it, for sure!!!!

    I never was one to sheild myself from the news before.........not even after 9-11, but..........I think right now it might be a very very good idea.
    THat would be interesting to see if crime rates would drop- our local daily paper DOES have a policy they do not put any coverage of any under 18 deaths on first page..........

    There is one part to this, tho- it keeps me continuously and constantly counting my blessings for me and my family and all the good things we have going for us. - and it has made me go and be even more active out in the community in "helping" positions.
    Sadly, with the recent things, not reading the newspaper or watching the news would have been much help for me not hearing about or being affected by these things. Turns out the youngest brother of the current 2 arrested had been an acquaintance of my son.

    Gosh, I guess even my sleepy bedroom community is .................not immune. or "safe"
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    I ditto the avoiding news and paper.

    I've gotten so sick of listening to the sensationalism, drama, yadda yadda from news sources, on top of 99 percent of it being bad news to horrible news that it's a rare thing for me to pick up a paper or watch the news on tv. Yet I seem to have no real trouble knowing what's going on in the world. lol Big news stories reach me via the kids or here or school.

    I think giving yourself a break, emersing yourself in "normal" everyday life will help tons.

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    well, sad to say so much of this current spate of bad news does affect my day to day life, the people in my day to day life, so I doubt not seeing it or hearing it on the news on TV is gonna be much help as far as sheilding me from some of the bad news. But I guess it can prevent me from hearing of other bad things farther away?
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    I agree with insulating yourself from the news. We stopped the paper when the OJ trial was going on. difficult child (maybe 3 yrs and 1 month) came up to me and asked what decapitation was. The headline on the local paper was that Nicole Simpson had been decapitated.

    So very much NOT something you want to explain to a 3yo. We tried the news several other times, and it ended up giving difficult child ideas, or nightmares. So we just don't do it. I check news online and so does husband.

    I think it is sad and pitiful that newspapers need this kind of stuff to prosper.

    We do get the Wed supplement free in the mail with all the ads and classifieds. That is MORE than enough.

    Hugs, and sorry about your neighbors,

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    My paper subscription ran out & silly me, I'm putting off renewing it. Cannot handle any more stories like the one you shared with us & lately with the economy the way it's been there have been more & more stories of that nature.

    kt reads the paper more than I do (at school each morning). And comes home ready to discuss it at dinner - so it's time I renew & start reading again. Sigh.

    Yup, time to insulate yourself for a bit - hideaway, if you can get away with it. The world will be here when you get back.