Ugghhh, back to the usual.

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    So, it was going so well. And then it wasn't.

    difficult child 1 skipped school because she was anxious. Of course the school didn't call me until 2:25. And of course the "new neighbor' who lives next door and is the one who tries to take my daughter out and party was also out sick. My difficult child is really struggling and new counsellor hasn't returned calls. Arrghhhh, I guess I should have realised this would be a longer process. So, place the calss adn trying to get an appointment tonight.

    difficult child 2 reports he is very anxious and wants more Zoloft. just started reg ed high school and is truly ramping up with the anxiewty. Football is providing stress as well. called the guidance counsellor and will schedule psychiatrist(for both). Confirmed counselling for him for tomorrow night.

    And now, I just checked my cell phone. Principal called. Please call back! And now he is not in his office. Now my anxiety is ramping up.

    I picture difficult child 2 being restrained, are there cops? or is difficult child 1 ditching school? What the buggies is going on? Of course, it could ne nothing? difficult child 2 did have trouble in football yesterday? Broke his helmet.

    Arrgghhhh, Maybe I shoudl get some medications for myself!

    And, by the way, any thoughts on keeping an anxious kid in school?

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    I am so sorry you are having such a frustrating time lately and today. I hope the principal has some positive input and maybe suggestions to help.

    I know sports are very important to kids, however, if football is adding to the stress, I wonder if it would be o.k. to drop it this year? But, if it is adding to positive things in difficult child's life, find a way to keep it. That would be a very hard call to make though looking at the impact of this may be necessary this week.

    Maybe a review of your difficult child's daily routines is in order. Anyway to tighten the structure? Set firmer morning and bedtime routines?

    I don't know, just ideas.

    Let us know how the prinicipal call turns out.
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    The counseling sounds like a good idea for helping difficult child develop some good coping skills for the normal stresses of highschool. If his executive function skills from the ADHD are holding him back, the therapist should be able to adress that as well and help him make sense/organize his life so he doesn't feel so overwhelmed. But first you have to figure out what's going on. Are the classes too big or loud? Too fast paced? Too disorganized? Would he benefit from a modified schedule? A sheltered class?

    Hope the school will work with you to get some supports in place for him.