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    I removed some software that I had paid for a Pro version last year and I just found an email where they were telling me I needed to finish paying for the upgrade. I looked at it and couldnt figure out what this email was about because I couldnt remember buying any software recently so I opened it up. It was telling me that I needed to finish the order that I had made through paypal.

    I had some issues on my laptop about a month or so ago and had to wipe it clean and put all new programs on it and one thing I took off was anything to do with IObit. I got a new antivirus, new malware, new spyware. I wasnt thrilled with the paid version of the IObit programs anyway. So why on earth would I be renewing my IObit when it wasnt even on my computer? Obviously I didnt. They must have attempted to send it through at the end of the month when I didnt have that much money in my account. But the odd thing was when it sent me to Paypal it wanted me to add a new debit card to my account when paypal already has my debit card and my bank info. I think its a scam. There was no way for me to go any further on the page to get to paypal from that page to see what Paypal had as my debit card. Yeah...scam. I am going to send that email to paypal. they need to be alert. I also sent an email to these IObit people telling them that I didnt order their product, didnt have it on my computer and if it went through my account I would alert paypal and the cops. I told them I had removed my bank accounts and my debit cards from my paypal account so they couldnt access any money from me. LOL.
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    I had a thing with paypal last year. They sent me an email saying that my account had been activated using that email. Well, I hate paypal so I knew for certain I hadn't done so. I went to their site, looked up who had it under my email and it was some oriental dude. I wrote and told them so, told them I have not used paypal in well over 8 yrs, do not intend to ever use it again, and that this person does not possess my email account, it still belongs to me. I also rejected the conformation email while I was at it.
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    Scammers are abounding. I've gotten 2 emails in the past week from "Comcast" telling me that my credit card info needs to be updated or they're cutting off my service. I find it quite lame, since I do not pay bills with- credit cards.

    Have gotten a couple more from a mortgage company we had 20 years ago saying they were going to suspend my account due to "suspicious foreign activity." Yeah, okay - go right ahead.

    You should never ever ever ever follow a link through an email. When I looked at the links they wanted me to click on, they had "comcast" somewhere in the url, but it was most definitely *not* a link to the real deal.
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    There are lots of scams out there that claim to be using PayPal. Anything from PayPal has your WHOLE NAME on it; it never says just user or whatever. Never click on anything that says it is from PayPal; instead, go directly to the PayPal website by typing their address in the address bar and log in there.
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    If you Google "iobit scam" you'll find a slew of complaints. Glad you didn't fall for this. Sounds like they're one of those that rely on the fake pop-ups saying you have a virus on your computer and urging you to "click here" to scan it right away.

    I rarely click on links in emails, and always go straight to sites like PayPal to conduct any business. Luckily Gmail does a pretty good job at catching the scam/junk emails and filtering them out, but once in awhile one gets through.
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    Im lucky I didnt fall for it too because I was cleaning out my email in the middle of the night under the And I did have iobit on my computer before I had to reformat. I only got confused when the dates it said I made the order didnt make sense. It was on McKenzie's birthday and I knew I hadnt been downloading anything or ordering anything because I was low on funds.
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    I authorized a pay pal transaction to download a one time Pro cleaner. It ended up charging me not only that but also two recurring accounts --- one for $10 a month indefinite and one for about $30 every 180 days indefinite. I cancelled the recurring ones and put in a dispute to PayPal for the other based on the product was not as advertised. I then called SafeCart to cancel the transactions because even though Pay Pal can assist in canceling a transaction, it does not mean you are legally off the hook to pay the debt. We then received e-mails affirming the refund for the one time charge and termination of the recurring charges.

    My next step was to contact my computer whiz nephew who helped clean my machine. Why I didn't turn to him to start with? Lesson learned, find a trusted person to help guide you with clean .
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    Here in Australia we get a lot of the telephone scams where someone with a strong Indian accent (male or female - the scammers just hire their own call centres) telephones to say, "We are from Microsoft Management Systems (or similar sounding name) and have been monitoring your computer's Microsoft operating system health. We have detected some malware in your Microsoft operating system and want to help you get rid of it."

    If you respond, they charge you a fee for cleaning up your (probably perfectly healthy) computer. They also can access your bank details once you give them your passwords and allow them access. People have been cleaned out for billions of dollars (collectively across Australia).

    I keep them talking when they ring me. Let them try to access my computer. I play dumb. I figure the longer I keep them occupied, the less time they have to hassle other people. Also, if you hang up as soon as they ring, they just call you back and keep trying.

    Eventually I tell them that we don't have any Microsoft operating systems in our home.

    I love it when telemarketers are the ones to hang up on you!

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    There's a common form of scam around that has been attacking PayPal lately.

    You've probably seen variations of it, apparently coming from banks and other institutions that take money from your account legitimately.

    The email says something like your account is compromised/stopped/hacked/etc and to click on a link in the email to go to the site to that will fix it up for you. If you're stupid enough to click this link it will take you to a very good imitation of the legit site where you will be prompted to login with your username and password. At this point I don't know what happens on screen because I've never done it but I DO know that you have just given a spammer the details they need to access your bank (or whatever).

    If you EVER get one of these emails and its possible that it may be legit do NOT click the link in the email. Instead go to the company's website by navigating there yourself and check out the claims. You will almost certainly find it's a known hoax.

    No reputable institution (and I even include PayPal here) will ever put a link in an email that takes you to a login page.

    Marg's Man