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    I have no idea why he waited to tell me this today but...

    Jamie called me just a minute ago to tell me that over Thanksgiving he was up watching Mikey late at night and he was getting him his last bottle that night. He laid him on the couch like he always did...and they always did with Hailie. They have one of those big L shaped corner couches with huge stuffed pillows. They always just take the back pillows up and lean the baby against them. Well, evidently Mikey decided that this was when he was gonna learn how to roll over!

    While Jamie was in the kitchen, not 10 feet away, Mikey rolled off the couch onto the floor. Jamie heard him scream and raced back into the living room. Jamie has tile floors but right there he has a thin area rug right there. He grabbed him up and finally got him calmed down from crying. Then Mikey fell asleep but wouldnt wake back up which scared him to death so he rushed him to the hospital.

    The doctor there accused Jamie of dropping him from a standing position instead of him rolling off a couch. He said the baby was too young to roll yet. Well thats a lie cause I know Jamie was rolling over at two months! Jamie just wasnt expecting it because neither Hailie nor Keyana rolled at that age. The doctor called CPS on him. I realize doctors have to report suspicious activity but all the tests came back clean and if Jamie had dropped him from his height, he would have been hurt. Jamie is tall!

    I have told him to make sure that the evil coffee table disappears downstairs and that he has outlet covers on all outlets and that he has baby locks on the cabinets that hold cleansers. I also told him to get a toddler lock for the knife drawer. It would be so like Hailie to go get a knife while the CPS lady was
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    The docs can be SO overcautious, but sadly, when it really IS abuse most times it gets "overlooked". Surely some common sense on the part of the doctor could have been used???

    Jamie and Billie had better go through the entire house and make SURE it is toddler/baby proof. Any room that the kids shouldn't be in needs a hook and eye up high to keep it locked. Cabinet locks on all cabinets that have heavy dishes also, and guards over outlets that have things plugged in. The guard can be a piece of furniture or those plastic boxes that attach over the outlet and cord. window blinds need to have the cords gone or cut, etc...

    They will be very picky. Or not picky at all. It just depends. One of the BIG things will be to move a playard or other place into the room with the couch. Something to put the baby in/on to go fix a bottle or whatever. That will show CPS that he has taken steps to prevent it from happening again.

    I am glad Mikey is fine. Sadly this will probably make Jamie think about it before taking Mikey to an ER again. He will go with what is best, I am sure, but in his mind will be that fear.

    Hugs to Jamie and Mikey!
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    Glad Mikey is all right! Hope the CPS visit goes smoothly.
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    Oh BS! Babies can do many things we think they can't at various ages!

    I am glad he is OK and I hope it goes smooth. I am sure it will be nerve wracking.
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    Well that hoovers. I hope it's cleared quickly and no file is started for monitoring.
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    Jamie is a wreck. Not only can this be a worry about the kids but if they take the kids, there goes Jamies career.

    He asked me why they didnt jump all over it when Keyana showed up to the same hospital with a cut on her head from falling into his coffee table. I told him it was because she was almost three and everyone expects toddlers to fall and get hurt. Plus she could talk and tell what happened.

    I think CPS is overzealous in some areas too. Down here? You have to practically prove abuse to get CPS to investigate. Keyana had an arm injury that I thought for sure was going to get CPS involved when she was an infant. It didnt. Her shoulder and arm started hurting her shortly after Keyana and Lindsey and Cory arrived at my house. She would just cry if anyone touched that arm. It didnt look odd but she wouldnt move it. Cory and Lindsey said nothing had happened between them and the baby but that they had just picked her up from daycare. They took her to the hospital but nothing could be seen on xray but they thought it might be some sort of strain from someone picking her up by her arm from a crib. Thats what I thought too. I am sure if she cried all day from the pain, the daycare would have called Lindsey. I think it happened at daycare and so did the hospital I think or CPS would have been called on the kids. I know it didnt happen here.

    Then there was the burn that happened on Keyanas arm when she was still crawling. She was under a year and touched her arm to a wood stove. No cps investigation.
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    Unfortunately, all these type of workers are very unpredictable, as you know. Obviously, they shouldn't take the kids from Jamie for this and no reasonable person would.
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    I hope this doesn't affect his career. I'm glad the baby is fine. Keep us updated.

    I soooo know what you mean about them being over zealous in some areas and completely overlooking some things that they shouldn't. I could tell you some stories that would make some heads spin!
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    My gandson would have crying fits and would flip himself over starting at 21 days old. It wasn't intentional, but he darn sure could do the same thing Mikey did.

    I hope it goes well. This auntie will be rattling beads for them.
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    I hope they get a good worker who knows that sometimes babies do these things. I agree with everyone. Walk through the house looking at it the way the CPS worker will look, keep it spotless -- not even one dish in the sink or a crumb on the floor. (I know very hard to do with young kids.) Get rid of any alcohol in the house. Jaime can google the rules for foster homes in his state and see a list of some of the things they think are important.

    He should also have a relative that lives close by 'on call' to come and get the kids if he gets a bad worker. He should NOT sign anything they give him -- including a safety plan -- because sometimes CPS workers will try and make their jobs easier by getting parents to admit abuse even if it didn't occur.

    This should be nothing and I will keep them in our prayers.
  11. Star*

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    WELL ........if there were any truth to what babies do as a norm....?

    THIS Site wouldn't be here.

    Dude talked at 7 months. By the time he was a year old? Full sentences, but he wouldn't walk, and he flipped himself over at 2 months.

    Best of luck to Jamie.....Good advice G'ma. GIT ER DONE JAMIE!
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    Poor Jamie! {{{Hugs}}} for him and baby Mikey! We had something similar happen when Duckie got sick at age four; when her hands and feet swelled up overnight. She had worn socks to bed and there was a rope-like bruise where the elastic laid across each ankle. :crying: One doctor asked me just who had tied my daughter up. Luckily, Duckie was old enough to clarify what happened, but I was terrified!
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    The only true relative is her brother and he lives in the My dad and stepmom live an hour away but I think they would be considered too old. I would go up and get the kids if needed.
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    difficult child was a month old when she scooched from the middle of a double bed onto the floor - with a thud - while I was rinsing a diaper. So...less than 2 minutes.

    easy child....I could put him there at 6 months and he'd still be there hours later if I would have left that long - which, of course, I wouldn't, but you get what I'm saying.
  15. DammitJanet

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    See...thats the way Jamie had assumed it would be. Hailie was a bit more active than Keyana but Keyana would happily lay on the couch all day long and just watch her little world. He never dreamed that a baby that hadnt even reached his two month birthday would flip himself off the couch! Obviously he didnt remember back to his infant Jamie and Cory were infamous for scooching and flipping and rocking themselves all over the place. Jamie flipped himself right out of his crib when he was about 5 months
  16. SomewhereOutThere

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    That doctor shouldn't be a doctor.

    My youngest daughter had incredible motor skills from early on. She turned over around one month (shocking us all) and took off and RAN across the room while she was still seven months.

    Good luck with the CPS lady. What a dork of a doctor!
  17. susiestar

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    Tyler rolled over while we were still in the hospital the day after he was born. Less than 2 days old. The nurses just smiled and told us it was impossible. He couldn't even hold his head up or raise himself on his arms.

    I put him on the bed on his belly and he lifted his head and then pushed up on his arms.

    Jessie was doing FLIPS out of her crib by 9 months. I had to keep baskets of her laundry fluffed up in baskets pulled almost out from under the bed. It was the only thing we could think of to pad the floor. I had a second mattress there but it didn't help, so we did the baskets. (Maybe that is why she NEVER has anything folded in her room?)

    At less than 4 months Jess could throw a pacifier across a room to hit someone who was being louder than she wanted. She did it regularly.

    So LOTS of kids do stuff WAY earlier than the "experts" think they do. So hopefully CPS is reasonable. Just don't sign anything then. Given his job, he might even speak to an attorney before the CPS people come. Just to be prepared.
  18. Hound dog

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    Aw well this svcks major. Docs either go from one extreme to another. Here K was throwing Kayla into the playpen ect...........Ok will not go there.

    Odds are cps is going to chalk it up to young parent inexperience. All 3 of mine rolled over at 2 mos of age. Travis was doing it when he came home from the hospital...but that was a symptom of the cp. lol

    I tell mine if they lay them like that to always put a pillow between them and the floor to block their ability to roll. (my Mom never owned a playpen and taught me this by age like 6 lol)

    Tell em to make sure all cleaning agents, medications are put up HIGH too.

  19. donna723

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    They should come out fine, but I know what a worry it will be to them till it's all over with. We were suspected twice, once with each kid! When my daughter was about four my idiot ex was supposed to be taking her to day care and tried to make it through a yellow light ... wrecked the car a block from where I work and our daughter was slightly injured. Because the car was wrecked, she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. At the hospital she was treated and released but someone there mistakenly noted it that we brought her to the hospital, not that she came in by ambulance after a car accident, so it looked (on paper) like something happened at home and we brought her to the ER. Two days later there were two policemen that showed up where I work wanting to know how she got hurt! A quick check of the police records clearly showed that there had been an accident but that just shows how easily it can happen.

    And when my son was 2-1/2 he was playing outside in the back yard. There was a little hill with rocks like stair steps that he knew he wasn't suppose to be on - he apprently rolled down it and got a very badly broken leg. We didn't see him do it. The snotty doctor in our local hospital was giving us the evil eye and saying how very difficult it was for a child his age to get that kind of a break to that bone! He went by ambulance to the bigger (better!) hospital 50 miles away. The orthopedic surgeon that treated him there just asked him what happened ... and he went in to this big elaborate story about how he was deer hunting in the back yard and he fell down! The doctor ended up laughing and never said another word to us about it!
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    Ugh, I am sorry they are having to worry about this. Just doesn't seem right when so many real abuse cases go unpunished. I remember when easy child was 3 years old and we took her to the hospital because of a pain in her lower abdomen area. At first the doctor thought husband or I had broken her hip until they realized it was a hernia.