Ugh--just got a call from a teacher

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Jan 25, 2012.

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    I check difficult child's grades online every day. I haven't been as diligent about emailing or calling the teachers lately because they said they will either plug in an A or F to the assignments or tests online on the template so that they can type in the next row, while they're waiting for the kid to actually turn in an assignment. So at first when I saw an F anywhere, I'd call immediately, but they'd tell me not to worry--it's just a place marker.
    Well, the tech-ed teacher has only been in touch once. I emailed him today because I saw about 5 Fs and thought there's no way difficult child could have flunked all those assignments, or that the teacher was that far behind in grading.
    Turns out difficult child has been sitting in class talking and the Fs are real.
    I'm having him do a poster at home tonight, and the teacher will give difficult child the handouts again.
    difficult child will be lucky to slide through with-a D.
    I am not allowing him to take his phone to class any more, either. He will have to drop it off at the ofc. If that doesn't work, he will just have to leave it at home.
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    I'm right there with ya!!!
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    Im still a young parent and leaerning along side my difficult child's.

    I wanted to say anytime I get notified of a F or a problem going on in class I get so embarassed and want to throw myself into the darkest HOLE I can find! Am I the only person that is so thin skinned that I get upset or am I just freakin WEIRD?

    *off to ponder err wallow in self pitty lol*
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    I'm so surprised kids are allowed to have phones in school. None of our schools around here allow that. the school I worked in too. They can put them in their lockers if they need them for after school. If any teacher sees them they are confiscated and it says right in the procedures that admin can KEEP it. Too many privacy issues with the picture capabilities etc. That is why they let Q bring his galaxy player ONCE to get over the excitement of it...but they said no way he could bring it again... he just got too excited taking pics.

    There are phones to use if needed in every class and teachers do let kids call parents from them.

    My niece who is 15 said she has seen friends lose their phones....usually admin will let the parents come in and get them at which point they have lost the privilege to even bring it to school at all. I am sure they sneak, but they better not get caught.

    Seems like the teacher should have called you to let you know there was an issue the first time it happened. Bummer they let it go on so long....

    Hope he will do his work at home okay. That could not have been a fun call. Hope he passes.
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    Sorry that this happened! I do think they need to have better communication with you!
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    Thank you all. Yes, he will pass. The teacher told difficult child that we spoke on the phone, gave difficult child two worksheets and also told him to write an old paper. difficult child did them all in class today. The teacher then went back and changed all the F's to A's.
    This teacher is retiring and can't wait to get out of there. difficult child feels the same way. Can't wait to get out of there.
    Meanwhile, I spoke to the counselor, and she said she would talk to the teacher and tell him he has permission to take away difficult child's phone if he sees it out and being used. But difficult child is way too sneaky for that.
    I don't know if I should let him take it to school and let him get caught by that particular teacher, or if I should just keep it at home. Not sure which would have the most impact on difficult child.
    Meanwhile, he insists he's never heard of the most recent paper and drawing that he is supposed to have done 3 days ago, comparing electricity and electromagnetic waves.
    I emailed the teacher again.
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    I remember those days...I'm sorry.
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    difficult child has been lying a lot lately.
    We had it out on Sunday and I thought it was better ... Sigh.