Ugh--Prime Time misinformation and difficult child

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    I picked up difficult child from his girlfriend's house tonight and he was in a foul mood. He said he was NOT going to stay on his lithium. When I told him he had to, he said "When I'm 18, I'm going off of it." I told him that as long as he's in our house, he's on it.
    He argued and finally said that he'd seen some psychopath who had uncontrollable anger issues, and couldn't feel anything (a bit of a conflict there--is he angry or not?) and lithium helped him to feel. I said that is not true. If you're a psychopath, you're born that way and drugs won't change it.
    He said "I'm not a psychopath!" and I said, "Of course not. Why do you say that?"
    "Because I'm taking lithium. How would it make you feel if you were in a mental hospital and were stuck with-it?"
    I said that just because someone else is taking it doesn't mean he can't take it at a different dose for a different reason. What if the psycho has a headache and takes aspirin? Does that mean you won't ever take aspirin any more?
    I also told him that not all psychopaths are violent killers. I just helped put one in jail (the one who stole Cousin P's investments) and he's not violent. I said it's a spectrum. And behaviors can be taught.
    "Oh, so now you're an expert. I don't CARE!":talkhand:
    I had him sit down at the kitchen table with-husband and we talked for oh, 15 seconds ... and husband was trying to be serious but he also couldn't help it and said, "The psycho is eating steak. No more steak!"
    (Don't you just love MEN?) Then they talked about football.:thumbsdown:I am not making this up. They talked about FOOTBALL.
    (Don't you just love MEN? WAit, I already said that ... ):sigh:

    I think difficult child got the message. Don't think it made him feel a whole lot better but I will definitely bring it up with-therapist and psychiatrist.

    by the way, I don't watch TV so I *think* that's the show he was watching. Anyone here know what it was?
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    You could take him to the pharmacy and have them explain it. Honestly they will be able to show him that things like Rogaine are made from a drug that was used for HBP. They can also show him Wellbutrin which was made for depression but also works for smoking cessation.
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    I wonder if the show was Dexter...
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    Do you want an a "real" answer to your question "Don't you love men?" If so....I'll have to very carefully word my response. SIGH! DDD
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    Thats a rough day - and I agree with DDD!!! Ha, dont get me started !! I understand about medications and why your son doesnt want it but your right, different reasons, different uses. I feel so bad for all our kids when they get so frustrated!! Hmm not really sure on the show...
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    Thank you! I'll try again to get more info from him, now that it's been a cpl days and he's calmer.
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    It's tough. I have a son who is 8 with Aspergers and ED but I am also a licensed graduate social worker for therapeutic kids. It hard when they just want to be normal as teenagers. I tell them they they don't know who is on what the head cheerleader could be on Prozac. I point out that it is not like they are shouting off the roof of the school "My name's Jessica and I am bi-polar! I take Lithium" odds are half of the school is taking something for something.
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    Lithium was most commonly given for bipolar disorder, which is a brain malfunction like diabetes is an insulin malfunction. Most bipolar people are not psychopaths and drugs won't help most of those anyway. Lithium - Ted Bundy? don't think it would have worked.
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    I agree. Unless someone had intervened with-Bundy when he was an infant. :)
    I'm working on explaining that bipolar can be managed with-proper medication, just as his glaucoma is managed by his Xalatan drops. He keeps asking if he's going to be blind someday, and I tell him "No, not as long as you use your drops every day and go to your dr appointments."
    Poor kid.