UGH! So worried about difficult child

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    So you know that we went to court and he was detained ( for leaving the school grounds-which is better than fighting) but we were told that he has court on Monday and the judge said that he would let him come home if it is going to be a while before Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Last night was his units turns to have visitation and I get there (alone- husband didn't go we had company) and difficult child has awful marks on his neck from his chin down to his chest. I asked what happened and he said that there were two boys harassing him and he asked them to stop and told the guard. Guard thought what they were doing was funny and when difficult child tried to defend himself the guard restrained him and now he has to stay in his room. They took his glasses and difficult child said that he is not been given his medication. When I was there he was so distracted - I know he hadn't taken his medications. Then today they called husband to let us know that difficult child's game and music thing were in but will be used as evidence. WHAT? The judge already told them that it was inadmissible and heresay because they can not prove who downloaded onto the game -the foster brother had it because difficult child was grounded and the daughters boyfriend also had it. difficult child is getting really discouraged that no one believes he has changed and is about to just give up.
    I don't know what to do! Any advise?
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    I'm a little confused-you said "guard," which sounded like juvie, or jail, but then you said the foster brother had the game.
    I thought foster care families had to have background checks and training. Where are the parents?
    Take a photo of his neck.
    Report the guard.
    Get a lawyer, if you don't already have one. Have the lawyer see your son and his marks in person.
    Keep in mind that this is a separate issue from your son's charges; make sure they don't get confused or that no one accuses you of trying to get him out of anything, Know what I mean??
    I have no idea if those are good ideas; I don't have the whole story and am just throwing out ideas.
    Best of luck!