Ugh - Trying not to let this get to me...

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Jul 13, 2013.

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    Hi all,

    I have been doing pretty well.... it has been a relief to know my son is at least safe and not using while he is in this holding bed waiting to find a tx bed. I had a good convo with him thurs where he asked if his time in holding counted as drug court time because if he did he was willing to stay there until a bed in a good place opened up as it wasnt THAT bad. He sounded positive in a way.

    Tomorrow is visiting day, the first he has had since he has been there. He is anxious for his girlfriend to visit him. A few nights ago she texted me because he is driving her crazy with his constant non stop phone calls... and lets face it she needs to live her life too. It cannot all revolve around him nor should it. so today he called feeling anxious because he has not heard from her and asked me to text her... and he said if she doesnt come visit he is leaving....which is asinine and stupid as he will end up in jail if he does that! I did text her but was careful not to pressure her to go and I didnt tell him that threat of his.
    She told me she is on a trip with her parents and may not be back in time.... which in my book is fine andd reasonable.

    Well he just called... he did talk to her briefly. He sounds despondant. doesnt know if she will visit, did not put us on the visiting list and he sounds suicidal and depressed. I said something about how he needds to do this for himself and he said she is his only motivation, he has no other motivation!!!

    Ughhh!!! I tried to be supportive, commented that if you hold on to someone too tight they just want to break free.... I doubt he will really hurt himself or leave but who knows. I know there is nothing I can do.... but I have to find a way not to let this latest mood from him drag me down into the muck.

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    You must be so worried.
    Prayers for peace for you and healing for your son.
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    Ok Phew. He called today and asked us to come visit. He sounds much better today and back on track. We actually had one of the best visits we have had in a long time... we talked for about 30 minutes, not only about him and being there but books he is reading and TV shows etc. It was good. He wants to get rid of a bit of a gut he has developed and so is using their weights and asked for some sneakers so he can run on the track... him getting exercise and working out would be the best thing for him!!!

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    I hope your difficult child does not let his recovery/sobriety hinge on the girlfriend.

    Am glad to hear that your visit went well.
    Any new updates?

    Thinking of you,